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How I Became a Confident Lacrosse Goalie

Coach Damon Headshot
Coach Damon Wilson
July 18th, 2024

I wasn't always the Lax Goalie Rat. I actually started my lacrosse career as a middie.

But 5 games into our season, our backup goalie tore his ACL and MCL in a gruesome injury - I still remember his horrible scream.

Suddenly our team was down to just one goalie.

When our coach asked me to give goalie a try, I thought how hard could be?

Spoiler alert - it's hard!

I had all the common problems you see in beginner goalies:

  • Scared of the ball
  • Poor communication with the defense
  • Flinching on the shot
  • Slow reaction time
  • No understanding of angles
  • Nervous on the clears

Our team didn't have a lacrosse goalie coach so I went searching for coaching materials online and at that time, nothing existed!

I finally found a lacrosse goalie coaching book and it had stick figures to demonstrate proper save technique:

Lacrosse Goalie Stick Figure
Pretty clear, right? 

So I attended live goalie camps...

And practiced and trained...

I studied all the top lacrosse goalies...

And practiced and trained some more! 

And by my Senior year I was an All-American goalie and a team captain after knowing nothing about the position just 4 years earlier!

I've been through the transformation from a nervous beginner to a confident goalie and a leader of team.

And I want the same for you!

Coach Damon Coaching Goalies

Lacrosse is my passion and I love coaching goalies!

I've now been coaching lacrosse goalies since 2003, have worked with hundreds of youth goalies at all levels and along side top professional keepers. I know what works!

If you’re serious about becoming a great goalie I've got the system that can transform you.

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