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Tips for Improving Lacrosse Goalie’s Hand Speed

When we think about the basics of making a save in lacrosse, the first element I teach is – top hand straight to the ball. You recognize where the shot is going and then move your hands (which controls the stick) to get there. There are a lot of variables involved in making a saveContinue Reading Post

How Much Does it Cost to Outfit a Lacrosse Goalie?

Last week I wrote a post for those thinking about making the switch the goalie. One of the points is that you’re going to need different gear. Lacrosse goalies in both the women’s and men’s game require different equipment than the field players. Perhaps you already have a full set of lacrosse goalie gear. ThisContinue Reading Post

Considering a Switch to Goalie: Read this First

For any field player in lacrosse or even any athlete brand new to the sport who is considering taking on the position of goalie, I advise you read this blog post first. This is written by a goalie with years of experience both manning the crease myself and teaching lots of first timers how toContinue Reading Post

When Lacrosse Suddenly Doesn’t Matter

It’s times like these when suddenly lacrosse isn’t so important anymore. For those of you who don’t know, I was born and raised in Santa Rosa, California and it’s where I continue to make my home today. The last few days have been completely surreal as I’ve watched friends and loved ones literally lose everything.Continue Reading Post

Lexi Shield Review – Lacrosse Goalie Concussion Prevention

Back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s when I played college lacrosse concussions weren’t really talked about and monitored like they are today. I remember a few incidents – one where I took a crank to the dome from point blank range and another where I took a hard hit while outside the creaseContinue Reading Post

Dealing with Teammates’ Harsh Criticism as a Goalie

As we all know being a lacrosse goalie is an incredibly challenging position. Yet for some field players or parents who’ve never stepped in the cage they seem to be blessed with the knowledge of what it takes to succeed in goal and they’re not shy with trying to coach the goalie, sometimes via harshContinue Reading Post

Lacrosse Goalie In Real Life: That Time I Went White Water Rafting

On the homepage of this site I have a message where I say my goal for Lax Goalie Rat is to transform beginners into better goalies and better leaders in life. I honestly believe that by learning the skills necessary to be a great goalie you’re also gaining the necessary skills to be a greatContinue Reading Post

StringKing Metal 2 Goalie Shaft Review

Lacrosse goalie shafts sure have come a long way since I first stepped into the cage. In today’s game a goalie can attach a shaft that is extremely light and makes his or her whole stick setup feel quick and nimble. Light years better than the aluminum bricks that used to accompany our lacrosse goalieContinue Reading Post

Defending the Slow Break: 6v5 or 5v4

In a sport like lacrosse that quickly moves up and down the field it’s not uncommon to find unbalanced situations where the offense has more numbers than the defense. I’ve already covered how to defend a classic 4 on 3 fast break. Today we’ll dig into other types of fast breaks referred to as “slowContinue Reading Post

A Brief History of Lacrosse Helmets

Hope everyone is enjoying the off-season. Given that it is the off-season, for this week’s post I’m taking a break from those tasty lacrosse goalie tips and delving into the history of the lacrosse helmet. At the end of the 2017 NCAA season, Cascade released their model S helmet and I think the lacrosse worldContinue Reading Post