StringKing Metal 2 Goalie Shaft Review

Lacrosse goalie shafts sure have come a long way since I first stepped into the cage.

In today’s game a goalie can attach a shaft that is extremely light and makes his or her whole stick setup feel quick and nimble. Light years better than the aluminum bricks that used to accompany our lacrosse goalie heads.

This week we’re going to a do a full review of the StringKing Metal 2 goalie shaft.

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Defending the Slow Break: 6v5 or 5v4

In a sport like lacrosse that quickly moves up and down the field it’s not uncommon to find unbalanced situations where the offense has more numbers than the defense.

I’ve already covered how to defend a classic 4 on 3 fast break. Today we’ll dig into other types of fast breaks referred to as “slow breaks” which include the 6v5 or the 5v4.

It could also be a 6 on 6 situation where the defense isn’t quite set yet.

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A Brief History of Lacrosse Helmets

Hope everyone is enjoying the off-season. Given that it is the off-season, for this week’s post I’m taking a break from those tasty lacrosse goalie tips and delving into the history of the lacrosse helmet.

At the end of the 2017 NCAA season, Cascade released their model S helmet and I think the lacrosse world joined me in saying – “wow, these things are nice”.

Cascade S Helmets

Lacrosse is the oldest team sport in America with evidence of versions of the game being played in the 1600’s in northeast Canada and in the US by Native American tribes like the Onondaga.

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How to Properly Move on the Lacrosse Goalie Arc

I’ve written about lacrosse goalie arcs quite a bit on this blog. They’re a basic element of learning this position and something all beginners should learn early on.

But if you’re unaware of what the arc is, here’s a quick recap. A lacrosse goalie arc is an imaginary line in the form of a semi-circle running from post to post.

Being properly setup on the right spot on the goalie arc will ensure the goalie is occupying the maximum amount of space in the cage and require as little movement as possible to reach a shot to any spot within the 6’ by 6’ goal.

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STX Shield 500 Goalie Gloves Review

Hello to all you lax goalie rats! Today we’re taking a look at one of STX’s premier goalie gloves – the STX Shield 500.

I got these gloves about a month ago and have now had a bit of time playing around with them via wall ball, taking shots, and playing in a summer tournament with the Shield 500’s protecting my hands.

My experience was generally positive through everything, and some areas exceeded expectations above and beyond.

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How to Score on a Lacrosse Goalie: From a Goalie’s Perspective

Normally on this site I write about how goalies can increase their odds of making saves. But this week we’re going to flip the script.

This post is about how to score on a lacrosse goalie, written by a lacrosse goalie.

As goalies we have a unique perspective as to which types of shots are difficult saves and which ones are just pure popcorn.

So if you’re a middie or an attackman wondering the best method to score on a goalie below are a few tips to help you increase your odds.

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Lax Goalie Bible Now In Print Format!

I’m proud to announce The Lax Goalie Bible is now available in print, paperback format.

When I first released the ebook back in March many folks wanted to know when the physical copy of the book would be available. It’s now available!

You can grab a physical copy of the book here – Lacrosse Goalie Book.


Goalie Book

Self-Publishing The Book

Turning an ebook into a physical book was a surprisingly difficult task.

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7 Methods For Lacrosse Goalies to Get Hyped for Practice

I think every lax goalie rat out there has had a practice where they simply didn’t feel like playing.

It’s not a good feeling. It leads to a bad practice and if you have enough bad practices, your game performance suffers.

While many goalies have no problems getting hyped and motivated for the games, lots of goalies struggle to find that same motivation for a practice.

In the immortal words of Allen Iverson –

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My Experience With the STX Eclipse II

While I am a lax rat, I’ve never really been a gear rat. I hardly ever get excited about a new piece of gear.

When they announced the STX Eclipse II – I got excited.

And why shouldn’t I? The original STX Eclipse is my go-to goalie head. But that original was released in 1999!

18 years ago! Making this updated STX Eclipse II well over due.

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Training a Lacrosse Goalie In Just 4 Drills

This week’s post is my response to an interesting question I got from a lax goalie rat Dad:

If you could only use 4 lacrosse drills to train a goalie which would you select? Jim R., Baltimore, MD

Great question Jim! There are so many great lacrosse goalie drills that only being able to select from a few is a tough task.

But in this world of Jim’s where a goalie must be trained with no more than 4 drills this is what I’d do.

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