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My Notes from The Power Within: Discovering the Path to Elite Goaltending

I finished reading The Power Within: Discovering the Path to Elite Goaltending by Dallas Stars goaltending coach Mike Valley and USA Hockey goaltending scout Justin Goldman awhile back. The authors give us a great glimpse of how elite goalies overcome different emotional and mental obstacles in their careers to gain an edge on the competitionContinue Reading Post

12 Ways to Destroy a Lacrosse Goalie’s Development

While it’s not intentional, there’s a big population of lacrosse coaches out there who are actually hurting the development of their goalies. With the growth of the sport of lacrosse many teams find themselves with head coaches with very little experience. It’s a tough task then to expect that the majority of teams would haveContinue Reading Post

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Introducing the Lax Goalie Rat Online Goalie Camp

Ladies and Gentleman! Goalies from across the land! The Lax Goalie Rat online camp is here! Parents from all over the US sometimes write me to ask if I’m hosting a camp in their area. While I would love to do it, unfortunately its just not possible for me to make a bunch of tripsContinue Reading Post

What’s Better for Goalies: Varsity Benchwarmer or JV Starter?

Quick order of business: for those that didn’t realize it, yesterday’s post was indeed an April’s Fools joke! There was no rule change and us goalies will have to wait before we break out the kayak style goalie sticks. The “varsity benchwarmer or JV starter” predicament is one many young athletes face as they developContinue Reading Post

NCAA Approves A Goalie Stick Rule Change for 2019 Season

The NCAA Lacrosse Rules Committee recently approved a change to the lacrosse goalie stick rules that should impact the way us goalies approach the game. The rule will kick in the 2019 season so I want to explain it here to get everyone up to speed and to start prepping goalies for the change forContinue Reading Post

2018 Women’s NCAA Lacrosse Goalie Stick Setups

A few weeks ago we took a look at 2018 NCAA men’s goalie stick setups. Now it’s only fair that we see how the top 20 female counterparts setup their wands. Here are the top 20 female NCAA D1 schools, their associated lacrosse goalies, and the stick head, mesh, and shaft length for each goalie.Continue Reading Post

Lax Goalie Rat Apparel Store Open For Business!

Hi everyone! Just a quick mid-week post to let you know the Lax Goalie Rat apparel store is officially open for business! Visit the Store Enough people emailed me asking about the Lax Goalie Rat logo shirts that I had printed up and use in some of the videos I’ve been recording. Well, now youContinue Reading Post

Epoch Integra Goalie Gloves Review

This week I’m going to continue the product review series. This post is a review of the Epoch Integra Goalie gloves. While you may have heard of powerhouse lacrosse gear manufacturers like STX, Warrior, Maverik, and Brine. Epoch might be a brand that’s under your radar. But Epoch has been on the rise of lateContinue Reading Post

2018 NCAA Men’s Top 20 Goalie Stick Setups

With the 2018 NCAA men’s lacrosse season underway it’s time to check in on the stick setups of the top 20 men’s teams. I’ve done posts like this in the previous year – 2017 Men’s NCAA Top 20 Stick setups 2017 Women’s NCAA Top 20 Stick setups MLL Goalie Stick Setups But now we’re backContinue Reading Post

Help Coach! I’m Afraid of the Ball

A young goalie recently wrote me an email: My biggest challenge is that I’m scared of the ball. I know it’s because I’m new and I’ve only been in the position for a few days but how can I become less scared? Many new goalies can certainly relate to this email. Heck, there’s probably aContinue Reading Post