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Lacrosse Goalie Workout and Drills To Do All Alone

As the 2017 lacrosse season gets underway its important to understand that formal lacrosse practice is obviously a critical part of your development as a goalie. However, spending time practicing on your own will give you an extra edge over your competition and turn you into a standout goalie once you join your teammates.

Alternatively you might find yourself on a team with no goalie coach or assistants and in need of lacrosse goalie drills that you can do by yourself.

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Common Lacrosse Goalie Injuries & How To Treat or Prevent Them

In the past few weeks I’ve received a couple emails from different lacrosse goalies about injuries and how to treat them.

As some lacrosse goalies are now starting fall ball and beginning to play after a long lay off injuries might be effecting your body.

I invited my brother-in-law, physical trainer, and Lax Goalie Rat’s own Body Conditioning & Corrective Exercise Specialist Coach Rob to write up his thoughts on common lacrosse and lacrosse goalie injuries and how to treat and recover from them.

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Unconventional Goalie Exercises to Improve Hand Eye Coordination

As a lacrosse goalie having good hand eye coordination is one of our strongest assets.

The ability to see a high velocity shot and move your top hand into its path requires not only quick reactions but also great hand-eye coordination.

Some lacrosse goalies are blessed with great hand eye coordination, others not so much.

Luckily for all goalies hand eye coordination is something that can improved with exercises.

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The Importance of Flexibility for Lacrosse (Goalie) Athletes

For the majority of lacrosse athletes, it’s currently the off-season. Cruising through the lacrosse forums you’re likely to find lacrosse players and goalies searching for advice on how to get bigger, stronger, and faster.

Bigger, stronger, faster. Bigger, stronger, faster.

However a key element of top physical performance that nobody seems to be talking about is flexibility.

In an interview with MLL goalie great Jordan Burke he credited yoga –

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Lacrosse Goalie Workout: Get Your Body In Shape to Make Saves

One of the best things a lacrosse goalie can do to increase their save percentage is to get their body in shape by following a lacrosse goalie workout specifically designed to handle the demands of this unique position.

The idea of just putting the fat kid in goal does not apply to lacrosse. All-American lacrosse goalies are the best athletes on the team.

My brother-in-law is a personal trainer in Santa Rosa,

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Another Great Lacrosse Goalie Workout Program

Sure, learning how to save a lacrosse ball and taking shot after shot is crucial to our success as a goalie. However, as athletes our body is our tool. To dominate in the crease we must keep that tool sharp.

This starts in the weight room.

A good lacrosse goalie workout program will increase your strength, quickness, fitness, and reaction time. Regardless of your technical ability to play goalie, an athlete who can produce the greatest amount of force quickly will be the athlete who explodes to the ball and makes more saves.

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