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My reviews of lacrosse goalie gear and equipment

My Experience With the STX Eclipse II

While I am a lax rat, I’ve never really been a gear rat. I hardly ever get excited about a new piece of gear.

When they announced the STX Eclipse II – I got excited.

And why shouldn’t I? The original STX Eclipse is my go-to goalie head. But that original was released in 1999!

18 years ago! Making this updated STX Eclipse II well over due.

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Lacrosse Goalie Mesh: The Ultimate Guide to 12D Mesh

One of the most requested posts I get these days is for an in-depth review of different lacrosse goalie mesh.

Problem is, in all honesty, I’m no expert on goalie mesh. I could probably write the “The Incomplete and Often Erroneous Guide to Lacrosse Goalie Mesh” but I couldn’t write the “The Ultimate Guide to the Lacrosse Goalie Mesh”.  I always stuck with what works for me and have never really explored everything available to us goalies in terms of mesh options.

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Other Essential Items for Your Lacrosse Goalie Bag

If you’ve been playing goalie for any amount of time you’ve likely already got all the standard lacrosse goalie gear to be protected in the net.

Today I want to cover some other miscellaneous pieces of gear that I always carry in my lacrosse bag.  Some might argue these are non-essential items for your bag, but essential items for your lacrosse goalie bag sounded like a better post title.

Looking through my goalie bag after you pull out the helmet,

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Under Armour Headline Goalie Head Review

The Under Armour Headline is the brand’s first ever lacrosse goalie head and in this post I’ll give my full review of the Headline.

Released in 2014, overall the Headline is a solid 1st entry into the goalie head market and its a recommended goalie head for both advanced and beginner lacrosse goalies.

If you like the shape and performance of the STX Eclipse but are looking for something a little more rigid and durable at the exact same price point,

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The Great Head Debate: Eclipse vs. Nemesis

Today’s article is a guest post from Paul Burke in Alpharetta, GA and a freshman at the University of South Carolina. If you’re interested in contributing guest posts to LaxGoalieRat email me: [email protected] with the subject “Guest Post” and your idea for the article in the body. 

The STX Eclipse and the original Warrior Nemesis are the Coke and Pepsi of goalie heads.

Us goalies know that we’re limited to less than a handful of heads to choose from,

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The Cascade R Helmet Review

As a goalie getting shots fired at you on a regular basis there’s a very high risk of a head injury.

As the sports world, from youth all the way up the pros, starts to understand the severe impact of concussions the type of helmet we choose becomes extremely important.

If you’re serious about protecting your dome as a goalie you should purchase the best helmet that you can afford.

Today we’ll take a look at the Cascade R helmet.

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Warrior Kryptolyte Shaft Review

An important piece of getting a good stick setup is attaching the right shaft.

It needs to be light enough to be moved around easily, but also durable enough to withstand seasons of punishment.

Although generally overlooked, the shaft that you attach to your goalie stick matters as it effects your ability to pass, to make saves, and to control the ball outside of the net. Because of this, it is crucial to make a good purchase when buying a shaft.

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Warrior Nemesis 2 Goalie Head Review

In this post I’m continuing our series of reviewing various pieces of lacrosse goalie gear. Next up is the Warrior Nemesis 2 review.

In case you’ve missed the previous gear reviews you can check them out here:

The Warrior Nemesis 2 is the newest item in Warrior’s line of goalie heads.

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Maverik Rome NXT Goalie Glove Review

In today’s post I’m continuing my series of in-depth reviews for specific items of lacrosse gear. The next piece of equipment I’m going to review is the Maverik Rome NXT Goalie Gloves.

Awhile back I did a review of the STX Eclipse, my favorite lacrosse goalie head. I did a review of the great Cascade R helmet.

In the upcoming weeks I’ll be reviewing different goalie heads,

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STX Eclipse Goalie Head Review

When it comes to getting your lacrosse goalie stick setup feeling good, the head is by far the most important element.

I started using the STX Eclipse when I started my goalie career and its the goalie head that I continue to use and recommend to this day.

When reviewing a lacrosse goalie head there is a lot we can consider but the for the purposes of this STX Eclipse review we’ll focus on shape,

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