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7 Methods For Lacrosse Goalies to Get Hyped for Practice

I think every lax goalie rat out there has had a practice where they simply didn’t feel like playing.

It’s not a good feeling. It leads to a bad practice and if you have enough bad practices, your game performance suffers.

While many goalies have no problems getting hyped and motivated for the games, lots of goalies struggle to find that same motivation for a practice.

In the immortal words of Allen Iverson –

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Lacrosse Goalies and Weight Gain

I recently received a question from a high school goalie regarding weight gain and lacrosse goalies that I thought was very important to share with the Lax Goalie Rat community.

Since many other large goalies might be in the same situation this young goalie finds himself in I wanted to write up the answer and share it here on the blog.

Hi Coach Damon,
I write to you again thinking very highly of your input on the goaltending position.

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Lacrosse Goalie Tips for Eliminating Rebounds

Lacrosse goalie’s have one of the most difficult tasks in sports. Not only do we have to prevent a high velocity shot from entering the goal but we also have to control the rebound and lead the clear so we can get our team back on offense.

Every rebound you give up is another opportunity for the opposing team to score.

Therefore lax goalies must work hard to ensure they’re eliminating rebounds on every save.

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Q&A with MLL Goalie Scott Rodgers

Scott Rodgers is a beast. At 6’4″ 250+lbs he’s built more like a middle linebacker in the NFL than a lacrosse goalie. But he’s dominate in the cage.

His Twitter profile pic is this and I’m pretty sure it’s drawn to scale.

Scott Rodgers Lacrosse Goalie

At Notre Dame he led the Fighting Irish to an improbable run to the national championship game in 2010. As an unseeded team they knocked off the #6 seed Princeton,

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Q&A With Notre Dame Lacrosse Goalie Shane Doss

Shane Doss is the current starting lacrosse goalie for Notre Dame and in case you haven’t heard of him, he’s one of the top lax goalies in the NCAA right now.

As a sophomore in 2015 he helped lead Notre Dame to the semifinals of the NCAA national championship where they were eliminated by eventual champs Denver in OT. He also pitched a shutout that year – zero goals given up in a game against #15 ranked Ohio State.

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Five Hole Shots: The Key to Consistent Saves

The “five-hole” is a nickname for the space between a lacrosse goalie’s legs and for some goalies making consistent saves on five hole shots is the biggest challenge they face.

As I’ve discussed my simple way to think about saves, the strategy for making saves to any part of the goal is the same.

However for those that consistently struggle to save shots to their five hole, here is some advice to keep in mind.

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More Tips for Improving Your Lacrosse Goalie Communication

When we play in goal there are 2 equally important elements of our game – 1.) making the save 2.) leading the defense.

The better you do the 2nd element, the easier the 1st becomes.

One of the most important parts of leading a defense is being a great communicator. Your personal knowledge is not useful if you cannot quickly, concisely, and accurately relay that information to your teammates.

This is post offers a few additional tips on lacrosse goalie communication.

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Lacrosse Goalie Tips for Defending Inside Rolls from X

An inside roll, also called a crease roll, is a move from an attackman where they drive from behind the goal to a point about 5 yards above GLE and 5 yards away from the goal. They then roll back towards the goal and attempt to score.

Here is a montage of offensive players performing the crease roll:

This offensive move can be a tricky one for goalies to defend.

This post is for defenses and especially goalies who struggle to stop opposing team’s crease rolls.

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12 Lacrosse Goalie Tips to Take Your Game to the Next Level

When I first started playing lacrosse goalie in college, I sucked.

I had no idea how to play goalie. Nor did I possess the courage to face a 90mph rubber bullet coming my way.

But by my junior year, I was the starting goalie for our university. And by my senior year I was team captain and an All-American contender in our league.

I did this with a devotion to becoming a great lacrosse goalie.

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