The Lax Goalie Bible

The complete guide for lacrosse coaches and goalies

The Lax Goalie Bible is for every goalie, parent and coach who wants to know what it takes to develop an elite lacrosse goalie.

Even if you know nothing about lacrosse, this book gives you a step-by-step explanation of how to develop your youth lacrosse goalie.

The Lax Goalie Bible takes the complex position of lacrosse goaltender and breaks it down into manageable pieces that you can use to develop a world-class goalie

This is the book I wish I had when I first learned to play goalie. It's for any coach who wants to train or any player who wants to be an elite lacrosse goalie.

The 4 part mini camp video series

Learn even more about coaching and playing goalie! With the purchase of this goalie book you'll have the option of adding on this amazing mini camp video series for just $10.


Lacrosse Goalie Stance

A full breakdown of the perfect lacrosse goalie stance including the 7 elements of a perfect stance. Our stance is our foundation for making saves and after going through this video you'll have a complete understanding of what goes into the perfect lacrosse goalie stance.


Lacrosse Goalie Arc

Learning the proper goalie arc will put a keeper in the perfect position to make the save and eliminate extra movement. In this video I teach everything you need to know about playing different lacrosse goalie arcs including the differences between a high, normal, and flat arc.


Basics of Making a Save

With knowledge of stance and arc, it's time to learn the basic save movement. What to do when the shot comes your way. This simple 5 step approach will make teaching the save movement as simple as possible.


Common Bad Habits

The position of lacrosse goalie is one of repetition. And for any sport that involves a lot of repetition, its very easy to develop bad habits. In this video we'll look at the most common bad habits for young goalies and how you can correct them!

Why I wrote this book

Understand how to Coach lax goalies

When you join the LaxGoalieRat email list it automatically sends you back a question - “What is the element of your goalie game you’re struggling with the most?” 

When I first started my site 17 months ago I thought my audience would be all current lacrosse goalies looking for tips to improve their game.

And a bunch of current goalies did indeed start responding. But then as more and more people joined the list, something unexpected happened.

Email after email came pouring in...but not from lacrosse goalies.

It was from lacrosse goalie parents who know nothing about lacrosse.

It was from youth lacrosse coaches who played college lacrosse but knew nothing about the goalie position or how to train their goalie.

It was from a Dad just trying to understand the position to bond with his kid.

It was from new goalie coaches themselves looking for advice on how develop elite lacrosse goalies.

This book is for you.

My goal with this curriculum is that after reading it you have the knowledge to train a youth goalie into an elite lacrosse goaltender.

What you'll learn

My Simple Approach to Coaching Goalies

The Lax Goalie Bible gives youth lacrosse goalies, youth lacrosse coaches, and youth lacrosse parents a complete understanding of the position of goalie in lacrosse.

With the knowledge provided in this book my goal is that coaches or parents are armed with enough information to properly coach and train a youth lacrosse goalie, even if they did not play the position or the sport of lacrosse themselves.

You don’t have to be a former All-American lacrosse goalie to coach a future All-American goalie. All it takes is the right knowledge, the right attitude and a commitment to put everything into action with your lacrosse goalie.

In this book you'll find: 

  • The 3 elements of goalie play every youth must master to become an elite lacrosse goaltender.

  • Over 32 illustrated lacrosse goalie drills to help build your goalie’s save ability and develop muscle memory.

  • The perfect lacrosse goalie warmup.

  • 5 complete practice plans you can use to train goalies

  • Complete explanation of how goalies can improve their clearing ability.

  • Easy to follow description of the technical elements like goalie stance, goalie arc, and basic save movements.

  • A complete section on how to train your goalie to be mentally tough.

  • Complete explanation of the required and optional gear needed to play goalie.

  • How to improve your communication and leadership as a goalie.

This book contains everything I think coaches need to understand to train a youth lacrosse goalie and everything goalies need to understand to be elite.

No risk for you!

FULL guarantee

I've worked my tail off and invested a ton of my own money to produce the best possible product - The Lax Goalie Bible - and I'm very proud of how it turned out.

But if you're unsatisfied for whatever reason I don't want your money.

All purchases of the Lax Goalie Bible come with a full 30-day money back guarantee. If you don't feel like you've gotten value out of the book, simply write me and I'll get it resolved.

Lax Goalie Bible Testimonial

The Lax Goalie Bible truly is THE complete guide for lacrosse coaches and is a resource every coach should have. As a defense coach in an area far away from many goalie camps and specialist coaches, this book has given me the tools I needed to feel confident and effective coaching my goalies. The drills section is worth the price alone to have a handy resource so we aren’t just doing the same half dozen drills practice after practice. Goalie work was always an afterthought for me and it showed, now I’m fired up to work with them at practice.

Will from

The content in your lacrosse goalie book been a HUGE help for me. I took on the responsibility of coaching the 2 goalies on my son's 2024 club team. I was a middie so my only knowledge was "shoot it where he ain't". Everyone thinks I'm doing such a great job and all I'm doing is the drills and coaching from your book. I've given you credit on social media and in my e-mails to the other coaches.

Robb, Arnold, MD

A's for your Q's

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the commonly asked questions.

If you have other questions, feel free to contact me.

Is this book available in physical print or just PDF?

Both. You can either buy just the PDF version or you can buy the physical paper-back version which includes a free PDF ebook as well.

Isn’t this info already available on your blog for free?

Most of this lacrosse goalie book is new content however the ideas come directly from the blog posts I've written and shared with you all. The book also has a ton of new photos and images that help explain the goalie concepts and drills. There are currently 138 (and counting) posts on the blog. The Lax Goalie Bbible hand picks the things you need to train a youth goalie and most importantly presents them in the right order to best learn how to be a great lacrosse goalie.

If I don't like it can I really get my money-back?

Yes, 30 day money-back guarantee. I will ask you what you didn't like about the book so I can improve that aspect for future buyers.

Is this lacrosse goalie book for male or female goalies?

Both. I'm a firm believer that the positions are relatively the same! The technique to make a save in the men's game is identical to the technique to make a save in the women's game. There are a few differences which I discuss in the book.

Do you have an affiliate sales program?

Yes. If you're interested in promoting the Lax Goalie Bible on your own website, contact me ([email protected]) and we'll get that setup.

Want to be a great lacrosse goalie?