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Defending the Slow Break: 6v5 or 5v4

In a sport like lacrosse that quickly moves up and down the field it’s not uncommon to find unbalanced situations where the offense has more numbers than the defense. I’ve already covered how to defend a classic 4 on 3 fast break. Today we’ll dig into other types of fast breaks referred to as “slowContinue Reading Post

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Lacrosse Zone Defense: The Complete Guide

As a goalie its vital that you have a complete understanding of how team lacrosse defense should be played. That way in the heat of battle you can help command the troops to organize a successful defense stand. Awhile back I covered the basics of a man-on-man team defense and today I want to cover theContinue Reading Post

How to Defend the 4 on 3 Fast Break

Today I want to cover how to defend a common defensive scenario: the 4 on 3 fast break. By now you should understand that a lacrosse goalie is the field general on defense. Therefore, every lax goalie must understand how his/her defense should defend a fast break so he/she can direct them accordingly. The fast breakContinue Reading Post

The Basics of Lacrosse Team Defense: Man on Man

As goalies we are the last line of defense. However defense is a team game and the stronger your lacrosse team defense operates as a unit the less the team will need to rely on the goalie making hero save after hero save. As a leader of the defense the goalie has the responsibly to alwaysContinue Reading Post

Lax Defensive Communication: Tips for a Silent D or Goalie

Communication amongst defensive team members is crucial if the team is going to have defensive success. Proper communication not only informs every member of the D of what’s going on and what’s their responsibility in that moment, it’s also intimidating to an offense. There’s nothing sexier than a defensive unit all in sync and aggressivelyContinue Reading Post

The Lacrosse Goalie’s Guide to Playing Solid 1×1 Defense

The lacrosse goalie is the leader of the defense. And while goalies will never engage in one-on-one defense the way a longstick defender does, it’s still important to understand the basics of lacrosse defense. This way you can offer coaching and spot problems with individual defenders given your unique view of the field. By learning theContinue Reading Post

Communicating on D: The 49 Lacrosse Goalie Terms You Should Use

What are the lacrosse goalie terms that you use? When you’re in the heat of the battle, there’s no time for a long conversation. Communication must be short, crisp, and easily understood by all members of the defensive team. In a perfect world, we could freeze time and have a nice chat with our D-man.Continue Reading Post