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My Notes from The Power Within: Discovering the Path to Elite Goaltending

I finished reading The Power Within: Discovering the Path to Elite Goaltending by Dallas Stars goaltending coach Mike Valley and USA Hockey goaltending scout Justin Goldman awhile back. The authors give us a great glimpse of how elite goalies overcome different emotional and mental obstacles in their careers to gain an edge on the competitionContinue Reading Post

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Introducing the Lax Goalie Rat Online Goalie Camp

Ladies and Gentleman! Goalies from across the land! The Lax Goalie Rat online camp is here! Parents from all over the US sometimes write me to ask if I’m hosting a camp in their area. While I would love to do it, unfortunately its just not possible for me to make a bunch of tripsContinue Reading Post

Help Coach! I’m Afraid of the Ball

A young goalie recently wrote me an email: My biggest challenge is that I’m scared of the ball. I know it’s because I’m new and I’ve only been in the position for a few days but how can I become less scared? Many new goalies can certainly relate to this email. Heck, there’s probably aContinue Reading Post

Overtime Games: 4 Goalie Tips for Dominating OT

There are few things in lacrosse more exhilarating than a sudden-death overtime game. 60 minutes of back and forth battling and it all comes down to one goal. One goal to rule them all! One team will end with a jubilant dog pile of celebration while the other bows their collective heads in defeat. Does itContinue Reading Post

Lacrosse Goalies: How to Mentally Recover from an Injury

Given the nature of the position, lacrosse goalies are lucky in that injuries are not as common as other positions. But unfortunately, they do happen. I played 4 years of college lacrosse and suffered only one major injury (broken thumb) along with hundreds of minor bruises and a few stingers thrown in for good measure. ForContinue Reading Post

Dealing with Teammates’ Harsh Criticism as a Goalie

As we all know being a lacrosse goalie is an incredibly challenging position. Yet for some field players or parents who’ve never stepped in the cage they seem to be blessed with the knowledge of what it takes to succeed in goal and they’re not shy with trying to coach the goalie, sometimes via harshContinue Reading Post

7 Methods For Lacrosse Goalies to Get Hyped for Practice

I think every lax goalie rat out there has had a practice where they simply didn’t feel like playing. It’s not a good feeling. It leads to a bad practice and if you have enough bad practices, your game performance suffers. While many goalies have no problems getting hyped and motivated for the games, lotsContinue Reading Post

Goalie Mental Training: Feed the Good Wolf

There’s an old Cherokee Native American story that I use for coaching goalies and teaching mental toughness. I discuss this parable in my goalie book however I wanted to share it here on the blog for those who haven’t yet read the book. It’s called the Tale of Two Wolves and in this post I’d like toContinue Reading Post

The Elite Lacrosse Goalie Triad: My Goalie Training Philosophy

My philosophy when it comes to training lacrosse goalies is something I call the Elite Lacrosse Goalie Triad. I discuss the Elite Lacrosse Goalie Triad my ebook however in this post I want to explain this philosophy to all goalies, coaches, and parents who have not yet read my book. I think understanding this trainingContinue Reading Post

Lacrosse Goalies and The Fear Response: How to Avoid the Turtle

There’s a habit that a lot of lacrosse goalies have. It goes by many names but I call it the turtle. Perhaps you’ve seen a goalie go into turtle mode? Perhaps you yourself have gone full turtle? It happens like this. You’re setup in a perfect lacrosse goalie stance waiting for the shot to come. ThenContinue Reading Post