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Training a Lacrosse Goalie In Just 4 Drills

This week’s post is my response to an interesting question I got from a lax goalie rat Dad:

If you could only use 4 lacrosse drills to train a goalie which would you select? Jim R., Baltimore, MD

Great question Jim! There are so many great lacrosse goalie drills that only being able to select from a few is a tough task.

But in this world of Jim’s where a goalie must be trained with no more than 4 drills this is what I’d do.

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The Elite Lacrosse Goalie Triad: My Goalie Training Philosophy

My philosophy when it comes to training lacrosse goalies is something I call the Elite Lacrosse Goalie Triad.

I discuss the Elite Lacrosse Goalie Triad my ebook however in this post I want to explain this philosophy to all goalies, coaches, and parents who have not yet read my book.

I think understanding this training philosophy is very important because many goalies are having some part of their training neglected unknowingly by coaches.

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Lacrosse Goalies and The Fear Response: How to Avoid the Turtle

There’s a habit that a lot of lacrosse goalies have. It goes by many names but I call it the turtle.

Perhaps you’ve seen a goalie go into turtle mode? Perhaps you yourself have gone full turtle?

It happens like this. You’re setup in a perfect lacrosse goalie stance waiting for the shot to come. Then the moment this shot gets fired your way and you have a fear response.

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Lacrosse Zone Defense: The Complete Guide

As a goalie its vital that you have a complete understanding of how team lacrosse defense should be played.

That way in the heat of battle you can help command the troops to organize a successful defense stand.

Awhile back I covered the basics of a man-on-man team defense and today I want to cover the basics of a zone defense.

Zone defense in lacrosse is different from man-to-man defense in that,

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Lax Goalie Rat Book Launch!

It’s game day for Lax Goalie Rat.

Today I launch my eBook – The Lax Goalie Bible: The Complete Guide to Coaching and Playing Lacrosse Goalie.

Go get the ebook here – Lacrosse Goalie Book.

Why Did I Write this Book?

When you join the LaxGoalieRat email list it automatically sends you back a question:

What is the element of your goalie game you’re struggling with the most?

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How to Make Practice Fun for a Lacrosse Goalie

Many youth teams struggle to find someone who wants to play goalie. One of the main reasons is simply that youth goalies feel that practices are no fun.

For the youth coaches out there who are wondering how to make practices more fun for youth lacrosse goalies when it seems like for most drills the goalie is just getting hammered, this post is for you.

Lacrosse is a beautiful game and it should be fun.

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Analyzing the Goalie Play of Colin from TLN

My favorite non-goalie lacrosse thing on YouTube is easily Samir and Colin’s – The Lacrosse Network.

That link will take you to their channel which is packed full of awesome lacrosse videos and definitely worth a subscribe if you are into lax.

Recently Colin stepped into the goal to answer a 10 shot challenge proposed by Samir. The results were amazing.

Here’s the full video:

Playing goalie in lacrosse is hard.

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The Lacrosse Goalie Guide to Handling Blowout Losses

If you play in enough lacrosse games, inevitably you’ll have a day where nothing goes your way.

You can’t save a single shot, your defense can’t stop anyone, nobody can catch a pass, and the offense struggles to muster any legit scoring opportunities.

That’s right I’m talking about a good, old-fashioned blowout loss.

Today’s post is inspired from a question from a parent whose son is a lacrosse goalie and is having to deal with such blowout losses on a regular basis.

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Goalie Lessons from the 2016 NCAA Championship Game

What a game! I hope everyone had the pleasure of catching last Monday’s national championship game.

Both goalies made some ridiculous saves in overtime! But in the end, it was UNC’s Brian Balkam who came up bigger, making more saves than Maryland’s Kyle Bernlohr.

In watching the championship game here a few lessons from a goalie’s standpoint.

Goalies Cannot Get Lazy on Clears

Awhile back I wrote an article about the bad habits of lacrosse goalies.

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Finding a Lacrosse Goalie: Attributes to Look For

If your team is lucky you’ve already got an established goalie manning the crease. But for some youth teams that are just starting up or recently got bit by the injury bug, you may find yourself without a goalie.

Ideally, a youth will step up and declare his undying love of getting bruises, blocking balls and saving shots and be on his way to All-American stardom. But unfortunately this is usually not the case.

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