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Top 30 Eye Hand Coordination Drills for Lacrosse Goalies


Hand-eye coordination is the processing of a visual input and coordinated control of your hands based on that input.

As a lacrosse goalie, it’s extremely important as the visual input is the shooter and the shot and our hand and goalie head is the coordinated control needed to make the save.

The better and quicker you’re able to translate a visual input into the proper hand movement, the better lax goalie you will be.

I recently chatted with Arthur Leibowitz from HandEyeCoaches on IG (podcast episode coming soon!)

This IG account is a pure gold mine when it comes to eye-hand coordination drills. Here are my favorite 30 gold nuggets harvested from deep within his hand-eye coordination drill caves.

Note: I used to always say hand-eye coordination but as Arthur let me know in our podcast, eye-hand coordination is probably the more accurate term. Since it’s the hand reacting to the stimulus picked up by the eyes.

The good news for goalies is that even if you were not born with great eye-hand coordination, it can be developed.

As a part of balanced lacrosse goalietraining routine, you need to ensure you’re mixing in eye-hand coordination drills. A lot of my favorite drills listed also combine explosion or lateral movement in addition to the visual training.

I previously discussed unconventional goalies exercises to improve hand-eye coordination but in this post I’ll show you some more conventional drills to improve this skill.

Even though some of these drills appear to for other sport’s athletes, they’re perfect for us lacrosse goalies too!

Top 30 Hand-Eye Coordination Drills for Lacrosse Goalies

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“The "side step" is such a simple but an effective skill if used correctly. A lot of games have been won from an effective side step. Putting your defender in two minds and leading them one way then quickly stepping back in, with a 'blink of an eye' you've created a hole to run through and created opportunities to make more yards or score goals or try’s. Checkout elite soccer athlete, @simrattanpal sharpening up his cutting capabilities to enhance open field acceleration and coverage. Jagged start to one step cut reaction Drill: Purpose – Visual stimulus response, false first step quickness, reaction time, cutting ability, change of direction. Commits athlete to drop low into athletic body position before cutting. – – @handeyecoaches “ – – Via: @samoanstrengthcoach #handeyecoaches #traindifferent #bettereveryday

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A goalie’s hand-eye coordination skills are extremely important when it comes to making saves.

In addition to training the technical, physical, and mental elements of being a goalie, you should also incorporate hand-eye training into your lax goalie training routine.

If you’re looking for hand-eye coordination drills, look no further than HandEyeCoordination on Instagram.

Many of these drills appear like they’re designed for other sports but with a slight modification, you can envision how the drill could be customized for the lacrosse goalies.

Other drills work our eye-hand coordination perfectly and don’t need to be modified.

Until next time! Coach Damon

What are you favorite hand-eye coordination drills? Leave me a comment down below.

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