Book Extras for the Lax Goalie Curriculum

The Lacrosse Goalie Bible

Book Extras

First of all, thanks so much for purchasing my book. I've put a lot of heart and soul into this project and I really hope it gives you tremendous value. After reading this book you should feel confident that you have the knowledge and ability to coach a lacrosse goalie.

Because some elements of coaching lacrosse require a visual explanation, I've put together this page of extras. A GIF is worth a million words the millenial lacrosse coaches always say. I hope this helps. As always, feel free to reach out with questions.

Part One

GIF's and Save Videos

The save movement and "finishing the save" is often best taught visually. So here are some visual examples of perfect save technique.

"Finishes the Save" with a shuffle step. Head focused right on the ball. Great technique.

Here's a great video from goalie pro Billy Daye warmup MLL Pro Jordan Burke demonstrating his shuffle step to finish the save.

Here is the 2016 national championship game edited to include only saves so you can see what a save looks like at a high level.

Here is the same thing except 2015 national championship game.