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Goalie Mentor Program

Sorry, the Goalie Mentor program is closed for now.

I'm busy matching the Lax Goalie Rats who signed up during the last open enrollment, and making sure the brand new goalie and mentor pairs get up and running smoothly.

If you’d like to join the goalie mentor program as either a mentor or a goalie, watch for the next open enrollment period in January 2019.

Also, an annoucement will be sent to the email list. If you're not on it already, join here:




Goalie Mentor Program Testimonials

We have had a great experience so far with the goalie mentor for my daughter. She gave us some great feedback on videos we shared and valuable recommendations regarding gear to purchase. The goalie also encourage her in her schoolwork and leadership roles at school. Its a blessing to have this positive encouragement in her life and know that she can if she work hard reach her goals. We look forward to continue this relationship with our mentor and really appreciate this opportunity for my daughter to grow and persue her passion. We are greatful for this mentor opportunity and being part of it

Goalie: 12yr old from Westchester, VA
Mentor: Sophomore at Bowdoin College

I have been corresponding with my mentee and her Dad for a while now. We were even able to schedule a time to Skype and chat. I have enjoyed being a mentor, and I believe it is important for young goalies, especially young female goalies, to have someone to talk to about the triumphs and tribulations of being a goalie. Thank you for doing this, it has brought such meaning and joy into my life.

Mentor: Kaleigh 20, Cleveland
Goalie: Christina 12, Atlanta

First off thank you for setting up this opportunity to talk to a college level goalie, I found it helpful to talk about the recruiting process and the major changes in high school vs college level lacrosse! I grew my knowledge of lacrosse from someone else’s point of view. During this period I had told her about how I had just gotten my head restrung and she would share what was going on for college team, we had also talked about weightroom workouts and things to grow strength which I found to be very helpful! It was very fun to talk to someone about lacrosse, besides my friends and family. Again thank you for this opportunity, I will definitely keep in touch with her for as long as possible!

Goalie: Brooke, 15 Maryland
Mentor: Lauren, 19 Ohio

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Goalie Mentor Program?

Every goalie benefits from having a mentor. Someone to learn from. Someone to hold you accountable and provide motivation. At the same time, more experienced goalies benefit from being a mentor. When you mentor a youth, you grow - both as a goalie and a person. The goalie mentor program pairs youth goalie with mentors for lasting and mutually beneficial relationship. I wrote a full post about it: The Power of a Lacrosse Goalie Mentor

Will Coach Damon participate in each group’s meetings?

No, these groups are self-run. Meaning the individual goalies and menors in the group will be the only participants, and those members will be responsible for organizing and running the calls or communications. This isn’t a 1x1 coaching program, and it’s not magic. You will need to participate and give your best ideas, advice and support to your mentor/goalie. Each group can optionally seek to invite experts or other guests into a meeting occasionally, but this will be up to the group to coordinate.

If I don't Enroll in This Period, Will There be Opportunities to Join in the Future? 

Perhaps. I anticipate that if this program goes well, we will likely offer additional enrollment periods in the future. I just can’t commit or give you specific dates just yet. If you are on the fence, I recommend joining now, as it will take a couple of weeks for groups to form, and because the monthly time commitment really is only a handful of hours.

Can't I just Form my Own Goalie/Mentor Relationship?

Of course! Many Lax Goalie Rat followers have already found a great mentor to help them out. However, finding an available mentor who shares your level of dedication and who can regularly meet at a time that works can be more difficult than it seems! Especially if you're in a city that's not one of the lacrosse hotbeds.

Why are you Charging Goalies a Fee to Join? 

First, I honestly believe the small fee is an incredible value considering the enormous impact a great mentor can have on your life.

Second, as I learned in the first go-round, matching goalies and mentors and supporting their formation requires a tremendous amount of effort from me. Paying to be placed in a goalie/mentor group ensures I can make this program a first class focus now and in the future. Charging a fee also ensures goalies and mentors who participate are more committed to the groups they’re placed into.

How Will the Matches Be Determined? 

After you enroll in the program, you’ll complete a survey to determine many different characteristics about you and what you're looking for. The primary factors I'll use include age/experience level, commitment, physical location, and sex. I’ll use other factors as necessary to make sure the group you’re placed into is a great fit. Matching is both art and science.

What Tech Tools Do I need to Particpate? 

I recommend using Skype or Google Hangouts to chat. But each group is free to anything. If you want to exchange phone numbers and chat or text that way, by all means, go for it. If the goalie/mentor are located in the same area, after getting to know one another, feel free to meet up.

What if the Goalie/Mentor Pair Isn't Good for me? 

Within 45 days of receiving your match confirmation letter, if you decide the goalie/mentor group you were placed into isn’t a good fit for whateverˇ reason, you are entitled to either a refund or to be re-matched into a different group. After 45 days, if you would like to be placed into a different group, you will need to participate in a different open enrollment period, and pay an additional matching fee.

Should Parents Participate? 

I would recommend for super young goalies that parents do participate. At least in the first few calls. After the goalie/mentor have a good trusting relationship built, parents may find there's no longer a need to participate.

How Long is Each Group Expected to Stay Together? 

We ask every goalie and mentor commit to a minimum of three months of regular meetings. My hope is this relationship is for life but some might fizzle out after awhile. That's understood. Either way, I ask that you give a minimum of 3 months.

Other questions? Email me

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