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PLL Chrome Goalie Brett Queener – LGR Podcast 48



Brett Queener is one of my all-time favorite goalies.

His combination of small stature, amazing quickness, and pure energy is something that matches my game perfectly. And something I tried to emulate every time I took field.

Plus the dude is just pure fun to watch. Check out these highlights:

In the words of Quint Kessenich, he’s a different bird. Anyone know any other goalies who wore shoulder pads at the collegiate level?

This summer Queener is going to put on the pads in the PLL for the Chrome Lacrosse Club along with fellow goalie John Galloway! I – for one – can’t wait to watch Queener in action.

In this week’s episode I chat with Brett Queener to talk his style to dominating the lacrosse goalie position.

He even turns the tables on me and asks me a few questions about my own goalie game and about visualization and meditation.

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