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2024 NCAA D1 Men’s Goalie Gear Setup

The conference tournaments are around the corner which means that’s the 2024 NCAA men’s division 1 lacrosse season will be done before we know it.

In this post we’ll take a look at the goalie gear setups used by the best lacrosse goalies manning the nets for the top 10 programs.

What stick setup, goalie gloves, and chest protector do each of the top goalies prefer?

I did this same post last season and you can checkout the results here:

Last season’s post the STX Eclipse 2 head dominated the gear setups. With the launch of the STX Eclipse 3 it will interesting to how many goalies have made the switch.

The list of Top 10 teams was taken from Inside Lacrosse ranking as of April 23th, 2024. By the time you read this post the current men’s top 20 might look very different as it continues to shape and morph all season long.

But as of right now, here are the top 10 teams, their goalies, and those goalies lacrosse gear setups. For this post I dropped in a few links to the save edits in case you want to check out these goalies in action.

To answer a couple common questions –

  1. Yes, the female goalie post is coming soon.
  2. Yes, I would also like to know company mesh they’re using but its near impossible to determine in photos.
  3. Chest pad is also tough to determine in photos. I included a few where I know the goalie well or its peaking out of the jersey in a photo.
  4. Yes, I would love to cover D2, D3, and MCLA but I can barely keep up with D1.

Let’s get into it! If you see any errors in this post, leave me a comment down below.

2024 NCAA D1 Men’s Lacrosse Goalie Gear Setups

1. Liam Entenmann – Notre Dame

  • Head: STX Eclipse 3
  • Mesh: 12 Diamond
  • Shaft: Attack Length
  • Shooters: Ghost pocket – no shooters
  • Gloves: Adrenaline Phoenix Lacrosse Goalie Gloves
  • Chest Pad: Warrior Nemesis

Liam Entenmann is a member of Team Unfair Advantage! Strung up by the Sidewall Jedi himself. That “liberty knot” top string is a dead giveway.

He did make the switch over to the new STX Eclipse 3.

The Notre Dame goalie Liam Entenmann was the pre-season 1st All American and has been playing lights out this season.

Seems like that chest pad is no longer available for sale as Warrior recently launched the new version of the Nemesis chest pad. If I’m being honest, the new version looks way less cool.

He’s responsible for the most viral save of the season so far:

He got overtaken by Cuse goalie Will Mark in the mid-season All-American ranking but I imagine we see him back on top by the season’s end. Especially if the Irish go on another strong playoff run.

Liam is a Lax Goalie Rat sponsored athlete this year which means I’ve partnered with him to put some awesome training videos for the youth goalies. Check it out here:

College Goalie Training Pack with Liam Entenmann

Save edit with Liam:

2. Patrick Jameison – Duke

After Duke goalie Will Helm led the Blue Devils to the championship game last season, freshman goalie Patrick Jameison was the one who earned the starting job this season.

And for good measure, he’s been balling out. Currently at #7 in save percentage at 57.1%.

Duke and Patrick Jameison are poised to get back to championship weekend.

Here’s some footage of Patrick Jameison getting his pre-game warmup:

I also broke down his perfect top hand movement here:

3. Chayse Ierlan – Johns Hopkins

After a successful career with Cornell, Chayse Ierlan decided to use his extra year of eligibility to try and help the Blue Jays win a national championship.

He’s playing strong and got Johns Hopkins at 10-3 and the #3 seed late in the season.

Mr. Wanderful strings up Chayse’s wands this season:

Chayse is a Lax Goalie Rat sponsored athlete and put together some awesome lacrosse goalie training for the youth. Proceeds go directly to support Chayse!

Podcast with Chayse Ierlan

Save edit with Chayse Ierlan:

4. Will Mark – Syracuse

Still one of my favorite goalies to watch, Syracuse Will Mark is on track to surpass 900 career saves this season! He leads all active netminders in that category, and could be Syracuse’s first all-American in goal since 2011.

He was the Inside Lacrosse mid-season goalie of the year and I think final award will come down to him and Notre Dame Liam Entenmann.

His gear setup remains unchanged from last season. It if ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Will makes some insane saves and uses his tall height to cover the goal in ways I haven’t seen other goalies do. Also in working with him he’s an awesome dude and a great goalie coach.

Syracuse is a Gait school and Gait purchased the Under Armour Command mold to make their own branded goalie heads.

To get virtual training directly with ‘Cuse goalie Will Mark, check out his College Goalie Training Pack here. Proceeds go directly to Will Mark through our NIL sponsorship.

Save edit with Will Mark:

5. Matt Nunes – Virginia

Seems like goalie Matt Nunes has been manning the pipes for Virigina forever but he’s just a junior.

Even though Virginia is a Warrior school, Nunes continues to use the Command (with the logo wiped off for obvious reasons).

Matt Nunes is a Lax Goalie Rat sponsored athlete meaning you can get some insanely cool lacrosse goalie coaching and mentoring for your youth goalie. Check out the College Goalie Training Packs.

Podcast with Matt Nunes

You gotta checkout this sweet goalie goal in the Matt Nunes save edit:

6. Malcolm Kleeban – Denver

Malcolm Kleban from Denver definitely has one of the more interesting goalie stances you’ll ever see.

He does have the Pios ranked #6 giving up just 9.08 goals per game.

Denver is a Warrior sponsored goal so Malcolm is decked out in Warrior gear.

7. Logan McNaney – Maryland

After missing almost the entire 2023 season, it’s awesome to see Logan McNaney back in net for the Terps.

Some people forget the video game like numbers he put in the 2022 championship run saving nearly 70%.

Would love to interview Logan someday 1.) because he’s my size and I love chatting to the shorter goalies and 2.) he seems to have a new stance this season which I would love to learn more about.

Save edit with Logan McNaney:

8. Wyatt Knust – Cornell

After briefly losing his starting job this season, Wyatt Knust returned as a man on a mission.

He returned the 2nd half of the Syracuse game making 9 saves and helping the Big Red pull off the upset in 2 OT.

He followed that up with a 24 save masterpiece vs. Brown tying the record for most saves since 2003.

Save edit with Wyatt Knust:

Awesome save and chase out from Wyatt:

9. Jared Paquette – Yale

Skys out, thighs out for tree trunk legged Yale goalie Jared Paquette.

He’s another goalie who has made the upgrade to the STX Eclipse 3 this season.

Although Paquette hasn’t the best season numbers wise the Yale Bulldogs are 11-2 and sitting at the #7 seed in search of an Ivy League championship.

Paquette was a members of Team USA’s U21 gold medal team.

10. Jack Fracyon – Penn St.

One of the best goalies in the league, Penn St. Jack Fraycon is sitting at #6 in save percentage at 58.9%.

At the time of this post Jack Fraycon is #3 in the NCAA with a 58.2 save percentage.

He was named Inside Lacrosse Honorable Mention Mid Season All American.


There we go. The goalie gear setups for the top 10 ranked teams in 2024 men’s college lacrosse.

Let’s recap the results.

Head –

  • STX Eclipse 3: 6
  • Gait Command: 2
  • Warrior Nemesis 3: 2

Everyone who was using the STX Eclipse 2 appears to have made the switch to the new version.

Same cannot be said about the goalies using the Warrior heads. Both Denver and Maryland goalie use the Warrior Nemesis 3 despite the newer QS head being available.

2 goalies go with the Gait (aka Under Armour) Command head as their weapon of choice.

Mesh –

  • 12 Diamond: 10

Once again a clean sweep for the 12 diamond.

It really offers the best of hold and rebound control and there’s no reason to go with anything else.

Unless of course you want to try the fishing net that is 6 diamond goalie mesh:


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A post shared by @bigtstringing

Shaft Length:

  • Attack Length: 9
  • Goalie Length: 1

Again most college goalies stick with the shorter shafts due to the quickness and better maneuverability.

Chayse Ierlan appears to be the only goalie with a little bit more length in his shaft.

That will do it for this season men’s D1 2024 goalie gear post.

As always, if I screwed up anyone’s gear, leave me a comment down below and I’ll fix.

Until next time, Coach Damon

PS – What is your goalie gear setup? Leave me a comment down below! 

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  1. Looks like Nunes is actually rocking with warrior player evo gloves that he made a goalie thumb for. He did this last year as well.

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