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All posts related to the gear that lacrosse goalies need to play. Both reviews and general descriptions and guides of the gear that protects us from those rubber bullets.

Epoch Integra Goalie Gloves Review

This week I’m going to continue the product review series. This post is a review of the Epoch Integra Goalie gloves. While you may have heard of powerhouse lacrosse gear manufacturers like STX, Warrior, Maverik, and Brine. Epoch might be a brand that’s under your radar. But Epoch has been on the rise of lateContinue Reading Post

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Nike Huarache 6 Cleat Review

In this post we’ll continue the gear review series with a full review of the new Nike Huarache 6 cleats. These bad boys are the latest installment in cleats from the Thompson Brothers and Nike. We’ll be breaking it down, and afterwords hopefully you’ll be able to decide if it’s the lacrosse cleat for yourContinue Reading Post

Why Don’t Lacrosse Goalies Wear Pads?

When outsiders view our game for the first time on TV they typically have some common thoughts, especially when its comes to us goalies. First, since lacrosse tends to be a high scoring sport they wonder if we ever make saves – Hey @BarstoolJordie, new to this whole “watching lacrosse” thing. Do lacrosse goalies EVERContinue Reading Post

Warrior Nemesis Pro Goalie Chest Pad Review

I remember when I first stepped into the goal. Our starting goalie handed me his late 90’s STX chest protector and I remember thinking – where’s the rest of it? Chest protection for this generation of keepers sure has evolved since the earlier days of lacrosse, with more research and more protection added into eachContinue Reading Post

How Much Does it Cost to Outfit a Lacrosse Goalie?

Last week I wrote a post for those thinking about making the switch the goalie. One of the points is that you’re going to need different gear. Lacrosse goalies in both the women’s and men’s game require different equipment than the field players. Perhaps you already have a full set of lacrosse goalie gear. ThisContinue Reading Post

Lexi Shield Review – Lacrosse Goalie Concussion Prevention

Back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s when I played college lacrosse concussions weren’t really talked about and monitored like they are today. I remember a few incidents – one where I took a crank to the dome from point blank range and another where I took a hard hit while outside the creaseContinue Reading Post

StringKing Metal 2 Goalie Shaft Review

Lacrosse goalie shafts sure have come a long way since I first stepped into the cage. In today’s game a goalie can attach a shaft that is extremely light and makes his or her whole stick setup feel quick and nimble. Light years better than the aluminum bricks that used to accompany our lacrosse goalieContinue Reading Post

STX Shield 500 Goalie Gloves Review

Hello to all you lax goalie rats! Today we’re taking a look at one of STX’s premier goalie gloves – the STX Shield 500. I got these gloves about a month ago and have now had a bit of time playing around with them via wall ball, taking shots, and playing in a summer tournament withContinue Reading Post

My Experience With the STX Eclipse II

While I am a lax rat, I’ve never really been a gear rat. I hardly ever get excited about a new piece of gear. When they announced the STX Eclipse II – I got excited. And why shouldn’t I? The original STX Eclipse is my go-to goalie head. But that original was released in 1999!Continue Reading Post

How to Tape Your Lacrosse Goalie Stick

Today’s post is my response to a question I got from a young goalie regarding how to tape a lacrosse goalie stick. Taping the stick is one of those things I never thought about discussing here on the blog but I’m sure there are plenty of beginners wondering what the purpose of tape on the stickContinue Reading Post