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2023 Athletes Unlimited Goalie Gear Setups

A little while back the women’s professional lacrosse league – Athletes Unlimited – wrapped up its 3rd season and one of our own goalies was crowned the champion! Again.

Back to back Athletes Unlimited champion Taylor Moreno! Congrats!

In case you’re unfamiliar with the league, the 4 team captains (high point scorers from the week before) draft a new squad each week and points are awarded to each individual player based on their stats for the games.

Check the 2022 gear post where I list the exact point total for each stat.

This season, Taylor Moreno edged out attacker Sam Apuzzo 1679 to 1667. Which was the exact same 1, 2 finishes as last season. Goalie Kady Glynn also took home the bronze medal coming in 3rd place.

In this post we’ll look at the goalie gear setups of all 8 Athletes Unlimited female pro goalies in 2023.

And of course if you want to watch these goalies in action, checkout the save edits on Lax Goalie Rat’s YouTube channel.

Here are the 8 goalies. Couple new names this season as rookie Sarah Reznick and Kat Buchanan replaced the Molly Dougherty and Molly Wolf. 

  1. Taylor Moreno
  2. Caylee Waters
  3. Kat Buchanan
  4. Britt Read
  5. Kady Glynn
  6. Mira Shane
  7. Sarah Reznick
  8. Paulina DiFatta

Taylor Moreno (77)

Same setup as last season for the champ!

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it right?

Taylor is such an inspiration for all the goalies out there.

Did you know when she got called up to varsity in 8th, she played a max of 10 minutes for her entire high school career?

Caylee Waters (43)

Caylee Waters is one of the best goalies in the world having won a world championship with Team USA!

She finished the season 13th with 1068 points.

This season her gear setup has changed gloves. Swapping the STX Cell V for the Nike Vapor Pro gloves. 

Couldn’t find any current chest pad pics but last year she was using the Shield 200.

Kat Buchanan (40)


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A post shared by kb (@katbuchanan40)

Newcomer to the league, James Madison University goalie Kat Buchanan finished 51st with 692 points.

Does look like her shaft is just a touch longer than the short attack shaft you see from other goalies on this list.

Catch my podcast with Kat Buchanan.

Britt Read (19)

  • Head: Warrior QS goalie head (unreleased) 
  • Mesh: 12 Diamond
  • Shooters: 1 straight across, 1 U, 1 nylon
  • Shaft: Goalie Length
  • Gloves: Warrior Burn – pretty sure she’s just using these player gloves
  • Throat Guard: Cascade TP-S Throat Guard
  • Chest Pad: Warrior Nemi Pro

Britt Read finished 5th in the 2023 season with a total of 1254.

She’s sponsored by Warrior/New Balance so its no surprise she’s fully decked out in their gear.

She also prefers a little extra length in the shaft going with the “goalie” size instead of the short attack length.

Kady Glynn (00)


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A post shared by Kady Glynn (@kady_glynn)

The Loyola grad and Richmond assistant coach Kady Glynn earned the bronze medal for the 2023 season coming in 3rd with 1346 points. 

I like the 00 number in goal. Solid choice.

Her gear setup remains unchanged from the previous season.

Mira Shane

Mira was voted ‘teammate of the year’ which for anyone who has spoken with her is no surprise because… she’s awesome.

Make sure to checkout her amazing  TedTalk?

She got skills in the net too! She finished the season with 794 points.

Mira helped us out with the Nike Vapor pro goalie gloves review.

Podcast with Mira Shane

Sarah Reznick (81)

The recent Florida grad joined the pro league for her inaugural season. She finished 39 with 783 points.

She is the only one on this list to give the brand new STX Eclipse 3 a go. Check my full STX Eclipse 3 review here.

Reznick is another one of the goalies who prefers the pure goalie length shaft using the STX Outlet with its rounded back.

I sponsored Sarah last season and we worked together to put out some really cool lacrosse goalie coaching videos, for example:

Paulina DiFatta (99)

In her second season of pro lacrosse, goalie Pualina Difatta finished 41st with 770 points.

Paulina is the only StringKing athlete on this list of female professional goalies so she sports the Mark 2G goalie head.

Right behind 00 in terms of awesome goalie numbers is Paulina with her 99.


So there you have the gear setup of the 2023 female goalies who guarded the nets in the 3rd season of Athletes Unlimited women’s pro lacrosse.

Let’s take a look at the totals.

Head –

  • STX Eclipse 3 – 1
  • STX Eclipse 2 – 5
  • Warrior QS – 1
  • StringKing Mark 2G – 1

Mesh –

  • 12 diamond – 8

Shooters –

  • Ghost pocket – 1
  • 1 straight across, 1 U – 2
  • 1 straight across, 1 nylon, 1 U – 1
  • 2 straight across, 1 U – 1
  • 2 straight across, 1 nylon – 1

Shaft –

  • Goalie length – 2
  • Attack length – 6

Throat Guard –

  • Cascade TP-S – 8

Chest Pad –

  • STX Shield 600 – 5
  • Warrior Nemesis Pro – 1
  • STX Shield 200 – 1
  • STX Shield 400 – 1

Gloves –

  • Nike Vapor Pro Goalie Gloves – 5
  • STX Cell V – 2
  • Warrior Burn – 1

Any surprises for you in these setups? As always if you think I got something wrong please let me know with a comment down below and I’ll get it updated.

Until next time! Coach Damon

Attention lady goalies! What’s your gear setup? 

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