Team Netherlands Goalie Thomas Haitsma– LGR Episode 141 | Lax Goalie Rat

Team Netherlands Goalie Thomas Haitsma– LGR Episode 141

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In this week’s episode of the Lax Goalie Rat Podcast, Coach Damon sits down to chat with team Netherlands goalie Thomas Haitsma.

When we’re so used to hearing about goalies who get their start in lacrosse hotbeds like upstate New York or Maryland, it’s awesome to hear a unique story like Thomas’ as he is coming from a country where lacrosse isn’t even a popular sport.

Thomas touches on how he found and developed his passion for the game of lacrosse in the Netherlands and the many unique challenges he faces coming from a non-traditional European nation, including learning the position, finding proper equipment, and training to become a better goalie.

The Dutch goalkeeper found the game in 2009 after his family moved to Brussels his younger brother tried the sport and convinced him to try it out as well and after that Thomas was hooked. 

Haitsma started off as a midfield and following his first season decided he wanted to make the switch to goalie. 

Haitsma quickly developed into a promising prospect and would eventually make the national team in 2019 that would travel to Isreal for the World Lacrosse Championships.

Now Haitsma is continuing his development with his local club the Rotterdam Jaguars and Team Nederland with the hopes of cracking the national squad that will head to the 2023 World Championships in San Diego, California.

Thomas and team Netherlands are currently in Poland for the 2020 European Lacrosse qualifiers and recently just scored victories over Sweden and Finland in their opening games.

Check out the podcast with Thomas to learn more about his story, lacrosse in the Netherlands, playing at the World Championships in Isreal, mental toughness, and much more!

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