2022 Women Lacrosse Goalie Division 1 Gear Setups | Lax Goalie Rat

2022 Women Lacrosse Goalie Division 1 Gear Setups

Earlier this week I published my goalie gear setup post with the NCAA Men’s Division 1 keepers.

Now its time to take a look at what stick and gloves setup the female goalies are using in 2022.

This blog post is somewhat of a tradition now and here are some past posts in this series:

Inside Lacrosse only lists the top 20 for men while they give us the top 25 teams for women so we’ve got 5 extra goalies.

The list of Top 25 teams was taken from Inside Lacrosse ranking as of April 12th, 2022. By the time you read this post the current women’s top 25 might look very different as it continues to shape and morph all season long.

But as of right now, here are the top 25 teams, their goalies, and those goalies lacrosse gear setups. For this post I dropped in a few links to the save edits and podcast episode in case you want to check out these lady lax goalies in action or hear a little about their story.

Let’s get into it! As always, if you see any errors in this post, leave me a comment down below.

2022 NCAA D1 Women’s Lacrosse Goalie Gear Setups

1. North Carolina – Taylor Moreno

Taylor Moreno was the pre-season 1st team All-American selection which makes sense since she won Goalie of the Year last year.

North Carolina is off to an undefeated 13-0 start which hasn’t required elite goalie play. Moreno is at 46.9% save percentage (24th) and 8.91 GAA – goals against average – (8th). That was good enough for a 3rd team All-American mid-season selection.

Here are a few Taylor Moreno save edits:

How about this play?

2. Boston College – Rachel Hall

The BC Eagles are 12-1 and Rachel Hall is 9th in the NCAA with a 9.35 GAA. Here’s a save edit and my podcast with the BC Eagles goalie:

Check out this beautiful save from Rachel Hall:

 3. Northwestern – Madison Doucette

Madison Doucette is one of 3 Lax Goalie Rat sponsored goalies! She was selected by Team USA to guard the goals for women’s sixes. The Lake Show only have losses to the #1 and #2 seeds and are on an 8 game winning streak. Madison is currently 34th in the NCAA with an 11.69 GAA.

Here are some save edits and my podcast featuring Madison Doucette:

She set her career high in saves in that game vs. Michigan:

She also helped out a young goalie when did the Q&A sessions for the College Goalie Training Packs. Learn more here.

4. Syracuse – Kimber Hower

In the early season games, goalie Kimber Hower split halves with Delaney Sweitzer but in the more recent contests the North Carolina transfer Hower is covering the entire game. She sits at 32nd with an 11.37 GAA.

Here are some save edits with the Syracuse women’s goalie:

5. Stony Brook – Charlie Campbell / Kam Halsall

The Virginia transfer Charlie Campbell earned the starting job in the early season but as of late it’s Team Canada goalie Kam Halsall getting the starts.

I recorded a podcast with Charlie, it’s awesome and will be released shortly. Edit: here it is and it might be my favorite episode yet!

I’ve also seen Kam in a photo with the new ECD Impact goalie head which should be released this summer:


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Kameron Halsall (@kamhalsall)

6. Loyola – Kaitlyn Larsson

Kaitlyn Larsson sits at 24th in save percentage at 47.1% and 7th in GAA at 8.95. That save technique demonstrated in the photo above is absolutely beautiful and one of the reason this grad student was a mid-season All-American honorable mention.

7. Duke – Sophia LeRose

Sophia is the 2nd Lax Goalie Rat sponsored athlete on this list and is fighting back from her 3rd shoulder surgery. She’s been playing great as of recently and the Duke Blue Devils are 14-1. LeRose is currently 18th in the NCAA with a 10.1 GAA.

Sophia actually uses the Nike Vapor men’s field gloves not the goalie glove version as she likes the extra flexibility and movement.

Here are some save edits and my podcast featuring the Duke goalie:

Listen to this great tip she dropped for a young goalie suffering with pre tryout anxiety during her Q&A as apart of the College Goalie Training Packs.

8. Maryland – Emily Sterling

Emily Sterling is the final Lax Goalie Rat sponsored goalie on this list and she is dominating this year!

If she keeps it up, there’s no doubt in my mind she is the goalie of the year!

1st in save percentage at 56% and 1st GAA at just 7.23. She was a mid-season 2nd team All-American selection.

Here are some save edits and my podcast featuring Emily Sterling:

Check out Emily’s answer during the College Goalie Training Pack live Q&A session:

9. Denver – Emelia Bohi

Denver is a Warrior sponsored school however the Warrior Nemi 3 head is actually illegal for women’s play. Not 100% sure why but something to do with the dimensions or the angles. So Bohi uses the Eclipse 2.

She’s having a great year too anchoring a solid Denver defense 2nd in GAA at 7.77.

10. Florida – Sarah Reznick

At just 5’2 this Long Island girl plays big in the net. She was pre-season 3rd team All-American selection and a mid-season honorable mention for the Florida Gators.

She’s at 36th with 45.5% save percentage and 19th with a 10.15 GAA.

Here’s my podcast and some save edits featuring Sarah Reznick:

11. James Madison – Molly Dougherty

Molly Dougherty won a national championship with James Madison back in 2018 and his poised to try to bring home another.

She was a 2022 mid-season All-American honorable mention after winning the (Honorable Mention All-American) in 2 years past. She was also 2019 CAA Goalkeeper of the Year.

Dougherty currently sits at 19th with a 49.2% save percentage and a 9.7 GAA (10th).

12. Princeton – Sam Fish

Princeton Tiger goalie and San Diego native Sam Fish is currently 37th in save percentage at 45.4%.

Here is an amazing game with Sam Fish. She didn’t have the greatest of games but made an outstanding play at the end of the game to win this big one for Princeton:

I recorded a podcast with Sam Fish already and it will drop soon. Edit: Podcast with Sam Fish.

13. Rutgers – Sophia Cardello

Sophia currently sits at 23rd with a GAA of 10.65 for the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers.

Here is my podcast with Sophia Cardello.

14. UMass – Gina Carroll

UMass goalie Gina Carroll sits at 20th with a 10.43 goals against average.

15. Virginia – Ashley Vernon

Ash Vernon just transferred into Virginia from ECU in January of 2022 and by the time the Spring season rolled around she had earned the starting role.

Here is a save edit and my podcast with Ash Vernon:

16. UConn – Landyn White

UConn goalie Landyn White is currently sitting at 18th with a 48.6% save percentage and 40th at 11.97 goals agains average.

One of the few goalies who chooses the STX Shield for her weapon of choice.


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A post shared by Landyn White (@landynwhite15)

17. USC – Kait Devir

Kait is the fortunate goalie to receive goalie coaching from new USC asst. coach Asa Goldstock, one of the best goalies to ever do it.

This is one of the cooler graphics I’ve seen:


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A post shared by Kait Devir (@kaitdevir)

Hope to have Kait on the podcast soon. Goalie mic’d up vids are the best:


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A post shared by Kait Devir (@kaitdevir)

Here is my podcast with Kait Devir.

18. Notre Dame – Bridget Deehan

Notre Dame goalie Bridget Deehan was a pre-season All-American honorable mention. She’s currently 45th with a 44.7% save percentage and 37th with an 11.7 GAA.

Here’s a save edit of Bridget against Duke:

19. Michigan – Arielle Weissman

  • Head: STX Shield
  • Mesh: 12 Diamond
  • Shaft: Goalie Length
  • Shooters: 2 straight across, 1 nylon
  • Gloves: STX Sultra

After being looked over in the pre-season All-American voting, Michigan grad student Arielle Weissman had such a strong start to her season she was voted mid-season 1st All-American. She’s at 6th with a 51% save percentage and 4th with an 8.23 GAA.

Here is a save edit of the game she tied her career high in saves (14):

Here is my podcast with Arielle Weissman.

20. Richmond – Delaney Galvin

Delaney Galvin is 11th in the NCAA with a 49.8% save percentage and 16th with a GAA of 10.0.

21. Stanford – Kara Rahaim

At 44.8% save percentage the Stanford Cardinal goalie Kara Rahaim is 44th in the NCAA and 46th at 12.23 GAA.

22. Jacksonville – Paige Pagano


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A post shared by paige pagano (@paige.pagano)

This Toronto, Ontario native won a silver medal with Team Canada in the 2019 World Cup and she now guards the nets for the Jacksonville Dolphins. I’ve also seen Addy Tysdal see some action but in the last few games looks like Paige is starting.

23. Arizona State – Katie Vahle


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A post shared by Katie Vahle (@katie_vahle)

She also has this OG Eclipse with a sick brick wall design:


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A post shared by Katie Vahle (@katie_vahle)

24. Navy – Jo Torres

Navy is currently 11-2 and getting strong play from goalie Jo Torres who is actually 2nd in the NCAA with a 53.8 save percentage. and 3rd in GAA at 7.81.

I recorded a podcast episode with Jo Torres and it should be released shortly.

25. Johns Hopkins – Kat Garvey

Hopkins goalie Kat Garvey has a 46.6% save percentage (29th) and 9.93 GAA (14th). Here’s my podcast and a save edit with the Bluejays female goalie:


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A post shared by Kathleen Garvey (@keeperkat4)


There you have it – 26 NCAA Division 1 women goalies, 26 stick setups. Let’s recap the numbers.


  • STX Eclipse 2 – 18
  • STX Shield – 3
  • Under Armour Command – 3
  • Under Armour Headline – 2

Like on the men’s side, the STX Eclipse 2 is dominate. Had to double check a few times but Rachel Hall and Kaitlyn Larsson are definitely using the Headline still instead of UA’s latest head the Command. Surprising that 3 goalies are still going with the STX Shield too.


  • 12 Diamond – 26

Clean sweep for the 12 diamond. I don’t see any goalies using anything other than the 12 diamond. It really is the industry standard offering the best of both worlds in terms of rebound control, easy string-ability, and great outlet passes.


  • Attack Length – 16
  • Goalie Length – 10

Attack length I’d classify has your standard 30″ shaft. Anything larger I’ve labeled a goalie shaft. In some of the pics it’s a little tricky to determine exact shaft based on where they have their hands.


  • 2 straight across – 5
  • 2 straight across, 1 nylon – 3
  • 2 straight across, 1 U – 3
  • 2 U’s, 1 Nylon – 3
  • Ghost pocket – 2
  • 1 U, 1 Nylon – 2
  • 2 straight across, 1 U – 2
  • 2 U’s, 1 straight across – 1
  • 2 U’s – 1
  • 2 U’s, 2 Nylons – 1
  • 1 straight across, 1 nylon – 2
  • 3 straight across – 1
  • 1 straight across – 1

Lots of variety with the shooting string setup for these female goalies. 2 straight across with a U or a nylon is most popular of this group.


  • Warrior Nemesis Pro – 4
  • Nike Vapor Pro – 4
  • STX Cell V – 3
  • Under Armour Command Pro 3 – 3
  • Under Armour Engage 2 – 2
  • STX Shield 500 – 3
  • STX Surgeon – 2

Warrior and Nike goalie gloves lead the pack with this group.

Kinda surprising that none of these ladies are using the Maverik line of goalie gloves. Also surprising that two of these goalies go with normal men’s field player gloves instead of the beefed up thumb goalie gloves.

What’s your goalie gear setup? Leave a comment down below

Until next time! Coach Damon

As always, if you think I messed up on any of these goalies, leave me a comment down below so I can get it fixed. 

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