Female Lax Goalie Star Devon Wills - Lax Goalie Rat Podcast - Episode 9 | Lax Goalie Rat

Female Lax Goalie Star Devon Wills – Lax Goalie Rat Podcast – Episode 9



Devon Wills is a name every female lacrosse goalie probably knows. She’s one of the best females to ever play our position and won a world title with Team USA.

In this episode, we can talk about Devon’s keys to success. How she coaches females in her job with USC today and what made her so successful in her career.

The tips she shares don’t just apply to female goalies they’re also gold for male goalies and I think everyone will learn a lot listening to this conversation with Devon.

Devon Wills


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Show Notes

One listener was nice enough to send me her notes she took while listening to the show. Attaching them here for everyone’s benefit.

Devon Wills Podcast Notes Devon Wills Podcast Notes

Pics of Devon Wills

Thursday= resistance training days #POP!

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Devon Wills Goalie

Devon Wills Female Goalie


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2 thoughts on “Female Lax Goalie Star Devon Wills – Lax Goalie Rat Podcast – Episode 9

  1. Dear coach
    I’m trying out for a club team, this is my first time trying out for a team. My teammate who has been on this team for a while said that I could make it.(He is on me town team) But still I am nervous about it. If you could have any tips about helping me calm my nerves I would greatly appreciate.

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