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Phlow-ing with Brian “Doc” Dougherty – LGR Episode 18


Many consider Brian “Doc” Dougherty to be one of the greatest goalies of all time! He certainly dominated his era and now has also coached multiple current MLL stars like Austin Kaut and Nico Amato.

He created a lot of the best goalie drills that I use today, including the one that bears his name – the Doc Drill (camp members: check it out here – not a member yet? more info here).

In this episode, we discuss many topics including –

  • The PHLOW system
  • Baiting shooters
  • Drills he uses to training goalies
  • How he overcomes going through slumps
  • His approach to mental toughness
  • His trash talking methods and whether he recommends youth do it
  • And much more…

Doc Dougherty


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