Bryan Moscow aka The Guerrilla Chemist on Lacrosse Goalie, Bodybuilding, Nootropics and Supplements | Lax Goalie Rat

Bryan Moscow aka The Guerrilla Chemist on Lacrosse Goalie, Bodybuilding, Nootropics and Supplements

One day I was scrolling Instagram and there appeared a video of a guy talking about Nootropics and their benefits for lacrosse goalies.

I had to get him on the podcast because I had questions – what’s a nootropic, why are you so jacked, where did you play lacrosse and what’s the story behind hair?

That man was Bryan Moscow co-founder & CEO of Chemix Lifestyle but more importantly (to this podcast anyways) – a lacrosse goalie!

And has it turns out Moscow is an awesome guy! Aren’t all lacrosse goalies?

What started as an interest in understanding nootropics our conversations veered to weight lifting and bodybuilding, good and bad supplements, chemistry, and lacrosse back in our college days.

I do owe Bryan a big time apology! We recorded an entire episode that I lost via a tech failure. First time it’s happened in 151 episodes but Bryan was a good enough dude to record our entire conversation again. I gotta say it turned out better the 2nd time!

If you’re interested in chemistry, weight lifting and supplements, and lacrosse goalie this episode is definitely for you!

Disclaimer: Only episode so far where I feel the need to put a disclaimer. This conversation is purely for entertainment. If you decide take any supplements or put anything in your body you hear on this episode, do so under the supervision of your parents and/or doctor.

You’re gonna love this chat with Bryan Moscow a.k.a. the Guerilla Chemist.

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