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The Path to the Tewaaraton with Megan Taylor – LGR Podcast Episode #100

I’m absolutely thrilled to be celebrating the 100th episode of the Lax Goalie Rat podcast.

If you know anything about podcasts, then you realize while they’re very easy to start, keeping it going is a difficult task.

But for me, talking to lacrosse goalies is easily my favorite part of the day. It’s a small tight knit group so you have this instant bond. The conversations flow and I also hang up feeling so pumped for the rest of the day. I love it.

The feedback I get from you all – the audience – is amazing as well. Putting on a podcast while traveling via car to a tournament is a lot of goalies favorite pastime.

Plus as a goalie (or any elite performer for that matter) if you’re not learning and adapting, you’re dying. The amount of knowledge I learned in chatting with 100 goalies (include all the goalies in the PLL) and coaches is absurd.

My guest for episode 100 is Megan Taylor.

I couldn’t think of better guest as Megan is definitely one of the best goalies to ever do it. She is the first goalie to ever win the prestigious Tewaaraton award in 2019, after being on the watchlist for all 3 years prior.

Megan takes us back to her youth growing up in Maryland and learning how to save shots from her brother. Alex Taylor was a goalie but wanted to shoot on someone so he threw his little sister into the cage.

Then how she ended up at the University of Maryland, fighting through a knee injury and eventually winning 2 national championships and the Tewaaraton in 2019.

Show Notes

Megan Taylor Podcast on YouTube

Here is the video version of this interview with Megan Taylor:

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