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Notre Dame All-American Goalie Liam Entenmann – LGR Episode 108

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Long Island native and All-American goalie Liam Entenmann joins the podcast for a conversation about his goalie play.

That goalie play has been nothing short of solid.

In the 2021 season, his sophomore year, Liam led the Fighting Irish to a great season and a #6 seed in the NCAA tournament before losing in OT in the quarterfinals.

In addition to manning the cage for Notre Dame, Liam also excelled with Team USA. Trading the gold for the red, while and blue Liam kept his All-American.

“Personally I can’t stand shooting on the kid, because it kills my confidence as a shooter,” said Pat Kavanagh, Entenmann’s teammate at Chaminade, Notre Dame and now with the U.S. U20 team. “Other kids on our Notre Dame team could vouch for me on that. He ruins a lot of kids’ confidence.”

Listen to this episode to understand how Liam developed into the rock solid goalie he is today. And also how he’s got the unswagger swagger.

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4 thoughts on “Notre Dame All-American Goalie Liam Entenmann – LGR Episode 108

  1. Fantastic stuff watching the videos, and can’t wait to listen to the podcast; he is my son’s 2nd fav. current college goalie after SU Drake Porter.

    Quick questions: (1) what stick does Entenmann use? It looks like he alternates between the Warrior Nemesis 3 and the Eclipse 2? (2) When will you have Porter on 🙂

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