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Coaching Call with 14 Year Old Goalie Austin Kitces – LGR Episode 107

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For the podcast I love talking to all types of goalies. Mostly we’re focused on college and pro but in this episode I had the chance to speak to a young 14 year old goalie Austin Kitces.

I enjoy these types of conversations as I love hearing young goalies stories and offering advice and help where I can.

Austin has about 4-5 years of goalie experience after starting in the 4th grade.

Despite being a little shared of the shots (who isn’t?) he stuck with it as his team needed a goalie. He enjoyed the team support after each save.

Listen to Austin take us through his young goalie career and explore some of the challenges and victories he’s experiences along the way.

His 2 favorites goalies are national champ Alex Rode and Redwoods goalie Tim Troutner.

We talk quite a bit about the goalie mental game, something that Austin says his is biggest struggle at the moment.

Austin has a great goal of wanting to play Division 1 lacrosse goalie, so he’s got his sites set high!

Video of this Interview

Show Notes

Here the video he referenced about being scared of the ball:

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