Scotty Rodgers Shares His Goalie Journey - LGR Episode #70 | Lax Goalie Rat

Scotty Rodgers Shares His Goalie Journey – LGR Episode #70

Scotty Rodgers Goalie


My next guest on the Lax Goalie Rat podcast is the reason many decided to be a lacrosse goalie.

It’s none other than the Big Rig – Scotty Rodgers – and he has inspired an entire generation of lacrosse goalies with his large frame, energetic character, goalie accolades and strong leadership skills.

You may have heard Scotty interviewed on other podcasts but you’ve never heard him interviewed by another lacrosse goalie.

Rogers hails from Long Island where he attend MacArthur high school. He earned a scholarship to play college ball at Notre Dame where he led the Irishman to the championship game in 2010. He was selected 7th overall by the Toronto Nationals in the MLL in 2010. He won a championship while on the Ohio Machine. And currently Scotty plays in the PLL with the Atlas Lacrosse Club.

In this episode we dig into a number of awesome topics:

  • How Scotty got his start in goal
  • Why he loves being a lacrosse goalie
  • Some guys he followed and learned from as a youngster
  • His legendary 2010 run with Notre Dame and what he took away from that entire experience
  • His coaching strategy for working with you
  • What he looks for when he recruits lacrosse goalies
  • The Big Rig mental tricks for mental toughness
  • What the weight room means to him and his goalie game
  • His post goal routine
  • How the backup team can really influence the game
  • His main tip for the young goalies out there
  • Plus much more

After chatting with Scotty his energy is completely contagious and I hope you feel that!

Scott Rodgers

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