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Charlie Cipriano – Lax Goalie Rat Podcast – Episode 5

This week we talk shop with Charlie Cipriano, the current starting goalie of the Charlotte Hounds.

His workout routine, his mental mindset, and some tips he has for those learning the position of lacrosse goalie.

Upon entering the MLL Charlie was a backup goalie so we talk a lot about how backup goalies can continue to improve without getting the starts. You’ll hear about his journey as earned his way to a starting spot on the Charlotte Hounds.

Like many Charlie believes there is a lack of great goalie coaches out there so he’s more than happy to do his part to give back to the game.


Charlie’s Weapons of Choice

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The Great Wall of Cip 🔒

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Charlie Cipriano

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  1. Sorry, this is unrelated but I thought that u could make a discord server. So you can announce when u put out a new post. There is so much stuff u could do with this and I think it would greatly help us all!

    Thank you!

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