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Training the Brain with Coach Jay Fulco – LGR Episode 117

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“Don’t be slow bro” – that’s the one piece of advice Coach Jay Fulco left me with after out chat.

And for lacrosse goalies that’s pretty damn good advice.

But how exactly can an athlete training their brain to increase their speed on the field? That is exactly Coach Jay Fulco’s area of expertise and I invited him onto the podcast to pick his brain about we can train ours to make more saves.

We chat through his different principles when it comes to cognitive training including working the 5 areas – brain speed, intelligence, auditory visual, memory, and attention.

He shares a bunch of different drills that goalies can use alone or with a partner to train their brain.

He even puts me through a live drill during our podcast.

Bottom line is all athletes, lacrosse goalies included, benefit from this type of cognitive training and if you’re not doing it I encourage you to give this episode a listen. You’ll definitely want to get some brain training in immediately afterwards.

Coach Jay offers 1×1 and group (3 max.) virtual sessions so hit him up on the DM’s if you want to enhance your cognitive game.

He also trains athletes in person in the Phoenix, Arizona area if you live there.

Show Notes

YouTube Video of Coach Jay Fulco Interview

Pics and Videos of Coach Jay Fulco

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