Lacrosse Goalie Defensive Communication Tips - LGR Episode #78 | Lax Goalie Rat

Lacrosse Goalie Defensive Communication Tips – LGR Episode #78

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Today’s podcast is all about lacrosse goalie communication.

During this week between Christmas and New Year’s it can hard to secure podcast guests so I’m going a capella for this episode.

Have you ever heard a lacrosse coach yell from the sidelines “TALK” when the defensive is quiet. I have, in fact I’ve heard it a ton.

It’s great to encourage your team to communicate on defense, but here’s the real question.

Have you taught them what to say?

I’m currently living in Argentina where the official language is Spanish. I’m pretty good with Spanish now but when I was first learning the language it wouldn’t have mattered if you yelled “TALK” at me, I didn’t know the words.

Same scenario applies for lacrosse defenses. Before we really take our team’s communication to a high level everyone needs to have a set of common vocabulary.

A set of terms and phrases that everyone knows 1.) exactly when to use 2.) when its used what they’re supposed to do.

That is the topic of today’s episode, Coach Damon reviewing a bunch of different lacrosse goalie terms that you can use with your defense.

Here is the post I wrote with a full list of lacrosse defensive terms.

If you join my email list, there’s a free printable PDF with all this terms available.  Join my email list here and I’ll send you a copy.

Am I missing any terms on this list that your team uses? Please let me know.

Coach Damon

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