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11 Social Media Accounts Every Lacrosse Goalie Should Subscribe To

When it comes to lacrosse content on social media, especially lacrosse goalie content, I can’t get enough.

I follow just about everyone regularly putting out content on lacrosse. These are YouTube channels and Instagram accounts run either by lacrosse professionals or those who simply love the game.

Given that I follow so many channels I wanted to point out the top 11 that lacrosse goalies should subscribe to in order to increase their knowledge of the goalie position and increase their lacrosse IQ in general.

I’ve covered the best websites for lacrosse goalies, now let’s have a look at the best social media accounts.

Top Social Media for Lacrosse Goalies

Goaliesmith Instagram

I had Mike and Andrew Gvozden on episode 6 of the Lax Goalie Rat podcast and they were a pleasure to chat with. Extremely knowledgable in how to coach this position and that shows in their Instagram account which they’ve spent a lot of time refining.

Link to his channel

Data: 187 Posts, 3638 followers

Notable Posts: 


Scott Rodgers Instagram


I’ve written about Scott Rodgers quite a bit on this blog as he’s one of the great goalies in our game and also very active on social media. His Instagram feed has been a blessing for me in terms of getting motivation, picking up lacrosse goalies tips and learning new goalie drills. Scotty is also a beast in the gym and frequently posts his workouts on his feed.

Link to his channel

Data: 2116 Posts, 23k followers

Notable Posts:

Lax Goalie Rat Instagram

I’ve tried to use my Instagram account to provide some quick hitting visual tips that lacrosse goalies can consume on the go.

Data: 69 posts, 906 followers

Notable Posts: 



The Lacrosse Network YouTube


Colin and Samir have really built a YouTube empire dedicated to lacrosse. Their “Weekly Watch” series is great at keeping you up to date with what is going on in the sport. They have about 120k subscribers making it the most popular lacrosse channel on YouTube.

In 2014, TLN and US Lacrosse worked together to make “Road to the Rockies,” an all-access YouTube series following the Team USA’s journey to the FIL World Championship in Denver. They’ve since partnered with Paul Rabil (“The Move”), Kyle Harrison (“Colin and Kyle”) and Joe Walters (“JOE”) on docu-style videos.

In case you missed it I analyzed Colin’s attempt to play goalie during one of their videos.

Link to their channel

Channel Description: Spreading the sport of lacrosse through the power of media. TLN partners up with the biggest Lacrosse brands to bring you the best in lacrosse media.

Data: 120k subscribers

Notable Videos:

Lacrosse Film Room YouTube Channel


Lacrosse Film Room is a great YouTube channel run by Patrick McEwen which edits parts of games and provide in depth analysis of specific plays or offenses. There is some goalie content on this channel but by far the channel is more useful for increasing your general lacrosse IQ by learning specific dodges, defensives, offensives, man-ups, clears, etc. Great resource for lacrosse players and goalies.

Link to channel

Channel Description: Lacrosse Film Room is dedicated to helping lacrosse players and coaches find and watch clips of games aimed at helping them learn about the game through film study rather than just watching highlight compilations.

Though videos that show great individual efforts will be posted, the emphasis is on clips that are examples of lacrosse strategy technique that are repeatable at other levels of play and on showing multiple examples of the same thing that produce different results or against different defensive slide packages.

“Lacrosse Film Room is becoming a must-follow on the YouTube machine. The cat is digging through tons of games from the 2013 season and isolating plays, making it easier to understand how teams are running their stuff and executing their approaches.”
-Hoya Suxa, editor of collegecrosse.com

“[Lacrosse Film Room] is an incredible resource for lacrosse players of all ages. Keep up the great work!”
-Coach Joe Opron, George Washington University head coach

Data: 20k subscribers

Notable Videos:

Paul Rabil YouTube


Paul Rabil is current member of the New York Lizards and Team USA lacrosse. He’s not a goalie but rather a middie but still produces a ton of great content that educates viewers about the game.

Channel Description: Hi, I’m Paul. When I was 12 years old, I was given my first stick. My first play was a turnover. Now, I play lacrosse for the New York Lizards, Team USA, and on Wednesdays, I drop new videos.

This is my story. Comment below using #AskPaul.

Data: 79k subscribers

Notable Videos:

Watch out here comes some shameless self-promotion…

Lax Goalie Rat YouTube


On my YouTube channel I’ve included game edits which show nothing but goalies making saves. If you’re a goalie, how could you not love that?

But in addition to getting pumped up to play goalie I find that by watching videos of goalies suceeding it really helps enforce the solid techniques required to make saves.

Link to Channel

Channel Description: A channel dedicated to lacrosse goalies. Tips, drills, advice, video reviews all for the purpose of making lacrosse goalies better at their game.

Data: 600 Subscribers

Notable Videos: 

Lacrosse TV


Can you say full unedited lacrosse games? Lacrosse TV’s channel is exactly that. They also have videos which just show highlights of particular lacrosse games. I recommend any goalie or young lacrosse player watch NCAA games to see how lacrosse is played at that level. The announcers are typically ex-players and often explain what teams are trying to do.

Watching full games are a great way to increase your general lacrosse IQ.

Link to the channel

Channel Description: Full unedited lacrosse games as well as highlights of games

Data: 8k subscribers

Notable Videos: 

Lax All Stars


Lax All Stars YouTube channel is a smorgasbord of tutorials, interviews, general lacrosse tips, and highlight reels. Much of the content doesn’t apply to goalies but there is some great stuff for general lacrosse knowledge.

Link to Channel

Channel Description: Lacrosse All Stars is the worldwide leader in digital news, information, and resources for today’s avid lacrosse enthusiast. LaxAllStars.com serves a global audience of 3,750,000 lacrosse players, coaches, and fans by delivering groundbreaking content, authentic online experiences, and unparalleled educational resources.

Our goal is simple: GROW THE GAME.

Data: 22k subscribers

Notable Videos:

US Lacrosse YouTube Channel


US lacrosse official YouTube channel offers dozens of educational clinics for coaches, officials and program leaders, many of which feature lacrosse’s best hosting the sessions. Another spectacular channel for building up your general lacrosse IQ.

In addition US lacrosse also features some great videos on off-field topics like building championship culture and celebrating successes.

Link to Channel

Data: 27k subscribers

Channel Description: US Lacrosse is the national governing body of men’s and women’s lacrosse, and home of Team USA. Subscribe for exclusive access to the U.S. National Teams, instruction from the top coaches and players in the sport and stories of people helping to grow the game across the country.

Notable Videos: 

G3 Lacrosse Instagram
G3 Lacrosse is a company formed by a group of current and ex-MLL goalies John Galloway, Kip Turner, and Adam Ghitelman. Also on the staff is sports psychologist and goalie coach Chris Buck. They put out solid content on their Instagram page including drills, photos, and class chalk talks.

Link to Channel

Data: 487 posts, 3600 followers

Channel Description: The Lacrosse Goalie Source! Join the #nextG3neration of #Lacrosse goaltenders 🏆🏅💎 Salt Lake City, Charlottesville, Jacksonville

Notable Posts:

A video posted by G3 Lacrosse (@g3lacrosse) on

A video posted by G3 Lacrosse (@g3lacrosse) on


In today’s world of social media there exists quite a few online resources for learning about lacrosse and lacrosse goalie techniques. You just need to know where to look.

This post is a collection of the top social media accounts that are putting out content related to lacrosse and lacrosse goalies.

I recommend you follow the accounts in this post and watch your lacrosse IQ sharply move upwards.

Until next time! Coach Damon

Any specific lacrosse goalie or general lacrosse related social media accounts that I missed? Please leave me a comment down below. 

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