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Navy 2004 Goalie of the Year Matt Russell – LGR Episode #83

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I’ve always loved Navy goalie Matt Russell’s style of play.

Well to be fair, I love all smaller goalies as a smaller goalie myself. But anyone who has watched Matt Russell play should appreciate his energetic and active style of goaltending.

I never played with Matt but I’ve seen a bunch of his clips (see below in this post) and his leadership skills are top notch as well.

I’ve been trying to get Matt on the show for awhile ever since I watched the 2004 championship game between Navy and Syracuse.

The wait was totally worth it. Great conversation with this amazing guy.

We discuss his career at Navy, while he choose the Naval Academy and the type of players the service academy attract for the lacrosse field.

Matt shares his tips for training to be an elite goalie and coaching youngsters to be the same.

He shares the story of the 2004 championship game against Syracuse when he dislocated his shoulder and continued to play a ½ a quarter before he realized something was really wrong.

My favorite fact of this entire show – in 2004 Matt Russell won goalie of the year. Best goalie in college lacrosse.

Guess where he was for Navy’s first game that year? On the bench. Love it.

We also touch on his experience playing in the LXM Pro Tour (the PLL before the PLL) and his time with top club teams out in the Bay Area.

Hope you enjoy this episode with Navy goalie Matt Russell.

Here are a few great videos featuring legendary lax goalie Matt Russell:

Is there a better jumping goalie photo than this one of Matt Russell:

Free Ship

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