MLL 2x Goalie of the Year & PLL Chrome Goalie Sean Sconone - LGR Episode 75 | Lax Goalie Rat

MLL 2x Goalie of the Year & PLL Chrome Goalie Sean Sconone – LGR Episode 75

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Seems like lately all professional goalie Sean Sconone does is win goalie of the year awards.

In the 2020 MLL season, Sean playing with the Connecticut Hammerheads won his 2nd consecutive goalie of the award.

With that he joined an elite goalie circle with multiple GoY winners including Greg Cattrano, Brian Dougherty, Jesse Schwartzman, Drew Adams, and John Galloway.

During his senior season at UMass, Sean won the NCAA D1 C. Markland Kelly Award for goalie of the year.

So needless to say, this dude has been on a tear the last few years.

He now has ambitions to represent team USA in between the pipes and in this conversation we discuss his goalie history and how he got to the level he’s playing at today.

Sconone has been playing some of his best lacrosse and I was fortunate enough to have a conversation to see how that’s possible.

When the MLL merged with the PLL, Sconone was selected by the Chrome in the entry draft. He was one of only 2 goalies selected (Nick Marrocco was the other).

What his training regiment, his mental mindset, the guys he looked up and learned from while he was learning to be an elite lax goalie.

Hope you enjoy this convo! PS – we reached the ¾ century mark in podcast episode #75!

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