Interview with Hall of Fame Princeton Goalie Scott Bacigalupo - LGR Podcast #91 | Lax Goalie Rat

Interview with Hall of Fame Princeton Goalie Scott Bacigalupo – LGR Podcast #91

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Scott Bacigalupo arrived at Princeton University in ’91 so it’s very fitting he now joins me for episode number 91 of the podcast.

At the start of the year I made a list of the top 5 goalies I wanted to interview for my podcast in 2021. It looked like this:

There he is – right in the top 5. Scott Bacigalupo!

I probably recruited Bacigalupo to come on the podcast as hard as college head coaches recruited him to come to their school in the early 90’s. But we finally made it happen and I gotta say – it was amazing!

You know when you’re expecting something to be awesome, then it happens, and it still blows your mind how awesome it was.

That was my conversation with Scott Bacigalupo!

Bacigalupo was a great goalie – no doubt – in fact many other top goalies I respect dearly have told me Bach was the greatest they ever saw play. But I might say he’s even better storyteller than he was a lacrosse goalie. And he’s got some great stories about Coach Bill Tierney – another lacrosse legend.

He’s in the lacrosse hall of fame so I believe them. Bacigalupo, along with Maryland’s Jim Kappler in the mid 50’s, are the goalies to win 3 straight C. Markland Kelly awards for goalie of the year.

Scott Bacigalupo led the Princeton Tigers to championships in 1992 and then again in 1994.

He tells an amazing story of the error he makes with just seconds left in the 1992 championship game. I found a video editor and he put the story to clips of the game. Watch for yourself but I think the results are absolutely incredible:

The story he tells about Coach Tierney recruiting him and then considering leaving for the Hopkins head coaching job is amazing as well.

I definitely need a pic like this:

Free Ship

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