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Warrior Nemesis Pro Goalie Chest Pad Review


I remember when I first stepped into the goal. Our starting goalie handed me his late 90’s STX chest protector and I remember thinking – where’s the rest of it?

Chest protection for this generation of keepers sure has evolved since the earlier days of lacrosse, with more research and more protection added into each new addition to a company’s chest pad product line.

It’s great to see this evolution for our position when it comes to keeping a goalie’s chest safe.

This post is my review of the Warrior Nemesis Pro chest protector.


Warrior Nemesis Pro Fit

I was a bit skeptical on how the Warrior Nemesis Pro chest protector would conform to my body due to the amount of protection Warrior has offered here.

At first glance this chest pad appears bulky, however it honestly is the best-fitting chest pad I’ve ever used.

I cannot stress enough how great the chest pad felt once tightened around me.

Common problems associated with chest protectors are either they are too loose, too bulky, and hinder the save movement. In some cases, all three.

However, the Warrior Nemesis Pro is balanced out nicely here and I don’t have any complaints regarding the fit.

As you can see in the picture below, the dual-straps click in nicely and are tightened with the straps to fit the shape of your body.

Warrior Nemesis Pro Back

When I am in my goalie stance with the chest pad, I don’t feel any baggage, which can often happen with chest pads, (hanging off your torso in your stance.)

Another common issue I’ve found with chest pads is the throat guard getting in the way of the upper-area of the pad, often resting on it. Warrior did a great job making sure that the nemesis pro was perfectly formed for the throat guard, resting right where it should on the goalie.

This chest protectors comes in just two sizes but with the straps you can easily adjust it to fit all different heights, weights, and body types:

Warrior Nemesis Pro Sizes

Overall, this is honestly 100% the best fitting chest pad I’ve had the pleasure of using.

Warrior Nemesis Pro Weight

The Warrior Nemesis Pro is on the heavier side when it comes to chest protection.

That is because it’s loaded with so much protection. But as a goalie, I didn’t notice the extra weight and I gladly trade that extra weight for the feeling of protection I get when this bad boy is strapped on my chest.

If you’re wanting to get the lightest chest pad, look elsewhere. It wasn’t as light as a Warrior Burn Pro chest pad, but does offer a better fit and more protection than its lighter counterparts.

That said, it also isn’t the heaviest of chest protectors. The STX counterpart, the STX Shield 500 chest pad, is definitely feels bulkier and heavier than the Warrior Nemesis Pro pad.

Overall here, you’re exchanging a bit of weight for maximum protection, which is up to how you play, but for me personally, it wasn’t a bad trade-off whatsoever.

Warrior Nemesis Pro Protection

So, just how well does the Nemi Pro actually protect that precious chest of yours?

Well, in my opinion, I’d say it offers the most protection out of any chest protector on the market.

Now, breaking that down, certain chest pads like the STX Shield 500 offer more padding in the center-piece.

However, the Nemesis Pro offers more protection, covering the entire frontal area of the keeper, and in an incredibility comfortable way.

Most modern chest protectors, like the Nemi Pro, include a reinforced chest plate. I think this should actually be a mandatory protection item since there are stories of goalies getting hit in the chest at the exact wrong moment and causing death.

Warrior offers a floating belly pad on the Nemesis Pro that not only offers as a bit more protection, but also keeps the chest protector from rising up on low saves. Not many chest pads have that feature.

The chest piece is reinforced with D30 and IMPAX foam technologies. In simple terms, these technologies offer some of the best impact absorption in the world and is used in heavy-duty protection products such as protection for moto-racers.

Warrior Impax System

With a couple weeks of use, which included many practices and four games, I managed to take a few shots off of my chest, and I felt almost nothing except the sweet satisfaction of a save.

Using my late 90’s STX chest pad I specifically remember a few shots that took my breath away. A very unpleasant feeling for a goalie.

With the Warrior Nemesis Pro, I feel like my entire torso is covered inch to inch, and reduces the impact to nearly nothing.

Overall, I’d say it’s one of the most protective chest pads available today.

Warrior Nemesis Pro Design

A goalie’s chest protector is typically covered with a game day jersey or at least a practice penny so design is not the most important factor.

That said, I’m in love with the overall design of the Nemesis Pro.

In terms of aesthetics, it looks fantastic. The base color is a cool gray with silver outlining throughout the chest pad, which gives it a slick, clean look that I personally find to look amazing.

Warrior also did a great job of designing it to conform to your body. Like I said previously, the adjustment straps have such a wide range of movement that I think it’d be pretty difficult for this chest pad not to fit to perfection.

My only real issue with the design would have to be the back straps. I find they get tangled up here and there, which is a minor annoyance at times. It isn’t a frequent issue, but since the neck sleeve is so loose, (will send specific pic) it can cause unwanted tangling in the back at times.

Other than that, however, the design of the Nemesis Pro is great!

Warrior Nemesis Pro Price

Now to everyone’s favorite topic, how much does it cost?

At the time of this writing the Warrior Nemesis Pro comes in around $160. 

You can get it on LacrosseMonkey.com here. As I’ve mentioned in our gear review posts I always try to use LacrosseMonkey.com as I’ve had nothing but great experiences with them.

This is definitely a premium chest protector. As I discussed in this post, if you’re just starting out as a goalie buy a different chest pad. Don’t start with this one.

The price is a bit high, but, it is also one of the premium chest pads available for purchase. The Warrior Nemesis Pro costs the same as the STX Shield 500 and I think the former is overall a much best chest protector.

Sure, some of the other premium chest pads are great as well, but with my use of the Nemi Pro, I feel a uniqueness in not only how it fits, but how it feels that I can’t get over.

I say if you can save up for this chest pad, or ask for it as a Christmas gift this holiday season, you wouldn’t be disappointed.


So, let’s break this down for us lax goalies on how the Warrior Nemesis Pro stacks up to our expectations.

  • Fits nearly perfect, with only issue being the back straps connected to the neck sleeve tangling up at some points
  • Zero restriction with arm movement, making getting to shots an ease (no more getting your arms tied up to make a save!)
  • One of the most protective chest pads available, covering practically every inch of the torso
  • Weight comes in a bit heavy, but is a sacrifice for amount of protection
  • Comes in a bit pricy, but one of the most premium chest protectors available today

With that brief recap of the Nemesis Pro, I think there’s no denying it being one
the best chest pads to purchase today.

Of course, like every piece of equipment, it has its setbacks, such as weight, but compared to other chest protectors I’ve used in the past, there doesn’t seem to be any comparison.

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate protection piece, or want a chest pad that fits flawlessly, I think the Warrior Nemi Pro chest pad is a great buy!

Grab the Warrior Nemesis Pro here at LacrosseMonkey.com

Until next time! Coach Damon

Anything I missed in this Warrior Nemesis Pro chest protector review? Leave me a comment down below.

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18 thoughts on “Warrior Nemesis Pro Goalie Chest Pad Review

  1. what are your opinions on the Under Armour protective goalie gear. my team has recently gotten an agreement where we can only use Under Armour and STX gear and i have never been a fan of STX gloves or chest protectors. i have used under Armour products and i love them but i was wondering your opinion.

  2. I got one for my son he is 9 years old and pretty big for his age.
    It worked Pretty good but had to use some athletic tape om the back straps to get it to fit snuggly. Would like to straps resigned better or a true youth model.

  3. Hi I am a female goalie for my local club in Carmel, CA. I was wondering what age you would suggest starting to lift weights? Also for those younger than that what body weight excises would you recommend? I recently discovered your site and it has been really helpful, thanks!

  4. What chest protector is best for women? There are very few designed for women on the market. Many of the men’s chest protectors are very bulky and don’t tighten up enough for women and girls.

    I would LOVE to see more posts that focus on female goalies and their equipment. The girls are a VERY underserved demographic in the goalie community. Your website is by far the best! Keep it up!

    – Todd

    1. Hi Todd – I think the STX Sultra is one of the only chest protectors designed for women. I haven’t used it but I’ve spoken to several female keepers who like it alot. Noted on more female content. Will try to work that in. I appreciate the compliment on my site.

  5. I’m 5’6, but i’m thinking of getting the chest protector in large, since i’m only in 7th grade and will be using it through high school. Do you think that it would still fit me?
    P.S: Great Review.The presentation was excellent and it was really well writen.-Hajo

    1. Hi Hajo – Thanks for the comments. I think a large would be big on you. I have a friend who is 5’11 and uses the large. It of course depends on body type too. Good luck!

  6. My son had a STX Shield Pro, but now since outgrowing it wants a Warrior. Would the regular Nemesis chest protector be as good in your opinion? He’s 12.

  7. It would ne nice if they made the Nemesis Pro in an XL as a majority of Hs, college and pro players are bigger than the 5′ 9″ and 150 lbs as stated in their sizing chart.

    I heard from a marketing person at Warrior that they are launching a new product this month, do you know if it will phase out the Nemesis Pro?.

    1. I do think Warrior’s sizing chart is off a little bit cause I know kids up to 5’11 who use the large just fine. But your point is valid for larger goalies there needs to be an XL size. That’s why Scott Rodgers chest pad covers like 1/3 of his body haha. Haven’t heard anything about a new Warrior chest pad. Will be looking forward to that.

  8. After reading your above review on the Nemesis CP and your other article about the new NOCSAE CP standard, I decided to try the 2019 version of the Nemesis Pro. It’s really an excellent chest protector, with very good coverage and mobility. The new heart protector is well designed and I can see how it is made to cushion and deflect the force around the heart.
    Thanks for the review and for those looking for a great CP, this is the one to get, at least until the new NOCSAE compliant STX CP’s come out.

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