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ECD Carbon Pro Goalie Shaft Review


In this post we’ll do a full review of the ECD Carbon Pro Goalie Shaft.

I’ve done several gear reviews in the past and with this one I’d like to introduce a scoring system that I’ll use for all reviews from here on out.

The system is based off of 10 points in each category and at the end, we’ll tally it up and see the total score.

I believe this system will aid in bringing more concise reviews in the future and I hope you enjoy it!

The ECD Carbon Pro is ECD’s latest and greatest shaft and is an upgrade on their original ECD Carbon shaft.

ECD Carbon Pro Shaft – Weight

The Carbon Pro uses carbon fiber and their “flex control layering” to reduce its weight while keeping its same strength. So the ECD Carbon Pro has a significantly higher strength to weight ratio than the original.

The shaft feels very light in the cage and allows easy maneuvering when making saves and outlet passes.

The ECD Carbon Pro attack shaft weighs 145 grams while the original ECD Carbon weighs 159 grams. So they’ve reduced the weight 14 grams which is pretty significant.

I used the STX Eclipse II head alongside the shaft, and the weight distribution seemed good, overall.

Compared to other shafts, it seemed a tad heavier than the StringKing goalie shaft, and the Warrior Pro goalie shaft seemed lighter as well.

Overall though, the weight distribution felt great and the shaft was relatively light, allowing for good mobility and strength.

Score: 8/10


ECD Carbon Pro Goalie Shaft – Feel

The feel of the Carbon Pro is great!

There is a lot of textures set in place to feel during various play sequences.

For example, the shaft provides a grip near the top of the shaft, making it comfortable to hold onto during play.

Of course, though, if you play with your hand wrapped around the throat of a head, then this grip may not be as useful as those who do not.

Either way, it is a nice addition for a goalie shaft.

Another great addition here is the ability to have a “kick point” on the shaft. Essentially, this is where the shaft is balanced eventually, and where you’ll feel a release point for smooth outlet passes.

The “kickpoint” technology is important to note if you ever wanted to cut the shaft to reduce its size. The “kickpoint” balances the shaft and if you wanted to go from 40″ to 37″, you’d be screwing up the balance in the shaft.

So if you want the ECD Carbon Pro in a shorter length, I’d recommend you go for the attack shaft directly. Whereas with other shafts you could always cut the goalie length shorter, the kickpoint doesn’t allow you to do that.

After reading about ECD’s kickpoint technology I think its more beneficial in the attack shaft to get a quick release and extra velocity on the cranks. However I believe it will help us goalies outlet the ball further, a challenge many young goalies face.

This is a great addition, as it can eliminate the need for tape, as well as give you a consistent pattern of passing to adapt off the shaft. Outlet passes felt great, and I felt the consistency it provided almost immediately.

Score: 9/10


ECD Carbon Pro Goalie Shaft: Strength

ECD has done a great job here in the strength department for their goalie shaft.

Within a couple weeks of play and serious specific drills to test the durability, the Carbon Pro shaft has held up extremely well.

From shots to checks, the shaft hasn’t dented one bit and only a few scratches here and there have shown up, but very little.

It is a composite shaft as well if you were not aware, (hence the name carbon), and overall, is one of the most durable goalie shafts I’ve ever used.

Compared to other high-end goalie shafts, I’d say this fits in easy with top 3 in durability currently and I look forward to seeing its true lifespan.

Score: 9/10


ECD Carbon Pro Shaft: Style

Look good, play good, right? Well, of course!

That’s why I had to include this category to cover. Overall, the carbon pro has a sleek design to it.

The color scheme, whether you choose black or white, seems to blend in well and the “PRO” logo really shines. However, there is a lot going on in terms of logos and extra markings that some may not like too much visually.

To me though, it is a good-looking shaft, with the primary color base, mine being the white version, looking fantastic. Due to it maybe just having a bit too many labels around the shaft though, it’s going to cost this category just a few points.

Score: 7.5/10


ECD Carbon Pro: Unique Features

The ECD carbon pro shaft has many unique qualities to it that help it stand out from other shafts currently on the market.

For one, the shaft has the mid kick-point as we discussed earlier.

This feature again helps tremendously with consistent outlets passes and give you a measurement as to where your hands should with the release. This not only can help experienced players, but especially be a help to newcomers to the tendy position as well.

Also, the shaft features flex control layering, which helps out with durability. With the shaft having a lower FCL, this means that the shaft will be more durable to shots and checks alike, making it less likely for the shaft to take damage.

Finally, the shaft features the nice grip near the top of the shaft as mentioned before, which helps keep your top hand gripped. This is important especially if you have a bad habit of sliding your hands when making stops.

To be honest, the carbon pro may just have the most unique features of any goalie shaft on the market, giving it a great score in this category.

Score: 10/10

ECD Carbon Pro Goalie Shaft: Price

We all know lacrosse gear can be quite pricey, and to be honest, the ECD Carbon Pro fits right into that stigma.

However, compared to a lot of somewhat overpriced gear sometimes, I feel like the carbon pro can make its argument.

ECD markets this as one of, if not the premier shaft to use for goalies, with a price tag of $149.99 on

This makes it currently the second-most expensive shaft lacrosse monkey offers.

I will say, the shaft does seem high in price, and if I found the durability to be weaker than what it really is, I’d say the pricing is quite off.

However, because of the durability being so high and all of the other technologies designed into the shaft, I feel as though ECD really deserves to have this range of price on their product.

Personally, if the shaft was around $15-20 cheaper, I think I could put this on the scale of around a 9, but due to it being on the heavier side of pricing, I’ll have to go a tad lower.

Score: 8/10


ECD Carbon Pro Review Videos

Here are a couple of videos from different folks, including ECD themselves, doing a full review of the ECD Carbon Pro attack and goalie shafts.

My friends at Goaliesmith also recommend for the ECD Carbon pro for goalies:

ECD Carbon Pro Goalie Shaft: Overall Score

The ECD Carbon Pro goalie shaft has managed to rack up a total score of 51.5 out of a total 60 points.

To quickly recap, I believe the Carbon Pro thrives in its many unique features, which help it stand out in the market, as well as give it an edge against many competitors.

The pricing may be the biggest “if” factor for the shaft. Although I haven’t tested this shaft for several months, I can tell the durability is quite strong and may fully justify its steep price tag.

Overall, I think ECD has created a tremendous goalie shaft here for any player on any level to play with, and I’d absolutely give this shaft a thumbs up assuming you can afford the $150.

You can purchase the shaft here on

You can also get it on Amazon in either goalie or attack length:

Until next time! Coach Damon

Anyone using the Carbon Pro Goalie shaft? What are your thoughts? Leave me a comment down below. 

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