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Nutty Buddy Review – Lacrosse Goalie Cup


Awhile back I wrote a post outlining the different methods lacrosse goalies could protect their packages.

Missing from the post was one very popular method that I wasn’t familiar with.

But plenty of goalies and goalie parents left me the same type of comment.

NuttyBuddyReview NuttyBuddyReview2

All the comments said the same thing: What about the Nutty Buddy? 

Finding the best cup for goalies has become somewhat of a passion project of mine so I had to see what the NuttyBuddy was all about.

After using it for an extended period, I’m happy to say the Nutty Buddy is a definite contender for protecting your livelihood.

The Nutty Buddy System

First things first, in their marketing video the owner and founder Mark Littell takes a 90mph straight to the junk from like 5 feet away!

With pure marketing gold like that, I knew I had to check this thing out.

I got the Package – which includes the NuttyBuddy classic cup, the NuttyBuddy compression shorts and the NuttyBuddy jock.

The NuttyBuddy system is unlike any I’ve tried before so I actually put it on wrong to start. It comes with a “How To Wear” guide which —  had I read first — clearly explained how to wear it haha.

The correct method is compression shorts, then cup, then jock on outside.

Neither the compression shorts nor the jock have a pouch. The design is such that the cup “floats” with your body, protecting the boys.

It felt a bit odd at first but once you get used to it, its extremely comfortable to the point where you don’t even realize it’s there.

In the same manner that a skilled attackman gently cradles the lacrosse ball, so does the NuttyBuddy with our twig and berries.

For those worried that the float will result in an out of place cup, fear not! I wore it around the house for about an hour or so when I first got it never got out of place. Even after sitting down a few times. Also in all my time on the lacrosse field, I never felt it come out of place.


The NuttyBuddy is revolutionary in it’s design. It’s anatomically correct, includes a lower tail for protection, and provides space for each testicle.

I’m no groinal engineer but the unique design of the NuttyBuddy cup supposedly redistributes the force into the pelvic bone. Dispursing the force outward instead of inwards towards the testies.

The design gives ample room for each individual boy to really explore the space:

Another added benefit of the floating system is you can easily pull the cup out without disrobing. Makes the pre-game bathroom trip a lot easier!

While the NuttyBuddy cup itself is revolutionary in design, I wouldn’t say there’s anything revolutionary about the compression shorts.

I have other compression shorts that I think are much better in quality. Plus if they’re really looking to capture the goalie market they could throw some extra padding into the shorts to help alleviate the bruises us goalies face.

As I mentioned the compression shorts don’t have a pouch, so you don’t necessarily need the Nutty Buddy compression shorts. Any pair will do. In fact, many goalies pair the Nutty Buddy with the Warrior Burn goalie pants:

The Nutty Buddy jock itself is of good quality and includes a sturdy 2″ waistband that gives it a good feel. Those grundle straps won’t be snapping on you like normal Bike jock straps.

Nutty Buddy Protection

So the real question is – does it adequately protect the boys?

Listen I’m not as a crazy as Mark to purposely let a 90mph hit me square in the boys so it took me awhile of play before I took one there.

What’s that classic lacrosse goalie saying – when you’re trying to get hit in the nuts, it never happens.

But finally after several practice sessions, I took one to the plums.

It was a glancing blow but I can confidently say it protected me very well. I felt a little pressure but no pain whatsoever.

I have heard from several indoor lacrosse goalies (who take way more shots than outdoor field goalies) that they trust the NuttyBuddy fully!

Any NuttyBuddy goalies taken a direct hit? Would love to hear your experience. Leave me a comment down below.

Nutty Buddy Sizing

I’m 5’8″, 165lbs so I got the “Hog” for the cup and a medium in the shorts and the jock

NuttyBuddy actually makes two different styles of cup – the classic and the flex. For lacrosse goalies, you want the Classic.

When we’re talking about taking a shot to the groin, the word flex shouldn’t enter our vocabulary.

Here’s the sizing chart from their website:

Nutty Buddy Sizing Chart

The fit was pretty true.

I wear 31″ jeans and the medium (recommended for 31″ – 34″) fit me just fine.

My Dad wears 34″ jeans and it fit him a little snug. Yes, I had my Dad try on the NuttyBuddy. Groin protection is a family affair in the Wilson household it appears.

So if you’re at the top threshold maybe go the next size up.

The cup itself comes in 5 different sizes. From smallest to the largest – the Hammer, the Boss, the Hog, the Trophy, and the Mongo.

That’s pretty important because most other athletic cups for goalies are pretty much a one size fits all deal. Maybe they have small and large but definitely not 5 unique sizes to perfectly protect the snow globes.

I got the “Hog” size and it fit well.


Nutty Buddy Pricing

At the time of this writing, the prices are as follows:

  • NuttyBuddy Athletic Cup Classic: $29.99
  • The NuttyBuddy Jock: $24.95
  • NuttyBuddy Lock Core Compression Shorts: $69.95

You can purchase the NuttyBuddy on their site here.

You can save a little coin by buying the entire Package here for $154.88.

The cup and jock are required. The compression shorts can be optional.

So we’re talking $30 + $25 = $55 for great protection of the ham and eggs. Sounds like a deal to me!

NuttyBuddy Videos

Here’s the Sports Science video where owner Mark Littel takes a 90mph to the nards.

Here’s another –


*30 for 30 voice* What if I told you this man just took a 90mph fastball to the chicken tenders from 5 feet away!?


The NuttyBuddy has won awards for its innovative design and that face says it all. If this entire article doesn’t convince you to give the NuttyBuddy a try, just look at that face!!!

Goalies who have used the NuttyBuddy refuse to step onto the field without and I understand why.

It’s comfortable and it protects! What else can we ask for?

You can get the NuttyBuddy on their site here.

Until next time! Coach Damon

Are you a NuttyBuddy user? What’s your experience been? Leave me a comment down below.

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10 thoughts on “Nutty Buddy Review – Lacrosse Goalie Cup

  1. Has anyone tried the Nutty Buddy using a set of goalie shorts instead of the compression shorts? My son plays in the Warrior Burn shorts, which are a lot like standard compression shorts, and I would think those would work well under the cup and jock. Anybody try that combo?

      1. Quick followup to my question:

        We ordered the NuttyBuddy and jock, but not the compression shorts, which seem both overpriced and underprotective for a lacrosse goalie, and paired them with a pair of the new Warrior Burn goalie shorts (the gray ones, not the bulkier black and orange model). He’s been thrilled with the protection and the comfort, though he was skeptical about the protectiveness of the system until I punched him in the crotch and he barely felt it. I’d say it works well, just be careful to look at their sizing guidelines when ordering both cup and jock. Also, the language on their website suggests that wearing the cup without their compression shorts may void their warranty, so caveat emptor on that, but if you want something less bulky than the ice hockey diaper style protector, the NuttyBuddy seems to be an excellent choice…

  2. Hey Coach Damon, I am struggling to find the right cup for me. I have been looking at the nutty buddy and the nutt hutt but I’m unsure which one has more protection. I am playing high school lacrosse and the top players can shoot 90-100 when they wind up. I have also been looking at hockey goalie double cups as another option. Thanks.

  3. I have used the Nutty Buddy for years now and I love it, but a little tip – I actually wear my hockey jock (Brian’s Pro Goaler – without the original cup, obviously) over top of the nutty buddy for the extra padding around the abdomen area. It works great!

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