Conversation with Sebastian "SeaBass" Adam, 12 year old goalie - LGR Episode #88 | Lax Goalie Rat

Conversation with Sebastian “SeaBass” Adam, 12 year old goalie – LGR Episode #88

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SeaBass really stole the show at the Goalie Summit 3. In case you missed it Coach Sash did a live training session at The Box at Deep South Lacrosse HQ just outside Orlando, FL.

He invited a few goalies at different age levels to demonstrate the “33” technique he was coaching.

One of those goalies was Sebastian “SeaBass” Adam, a 12 yr old goalie with 3 years of experience in the cage.

The folks watching this coaching session loved SeaBass’ energy and passion for the sport and the position of goalie.

I wanted to get SeaBass on the podcast to tap into that passion a little further. The results were not disappointing. This dude is awesome.

We discuss things he’s struggling with, what he likes most about being a goalie, how he deals with confidence.

We have a conversation about his goals. He wants to play for Harvard. No small goal and I love that he’s set his sights on such a perfect goal.

I’m going to reach out to current Harvard goalie coach Ted Bergman to see what advice he has for the young SeaBass apart of what I offered.

Edit: Here is Ted’s reply. I think is a really solid advice. Thanks Coach Bergman!

Hope you enjoy this episode with this young man who is still learning the position and the sport but is already very knowledgeable.

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