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Brine Eraser 2 Goalie Head Review

As I put together my posts on the stick setups of the NCAA and MLL goalies, I was always surprised to see so many Brine Eraser 2 goalie heads make the list.

For example, in LGR podcast episode 8, Benny Pugh lists the Brine Eraser 2 as his current weapon of choice. Same with Brian Phipps.

While I expected to see many STX Eclipse 2 and Warrior Nemesis 2, for some reason the Brine Eraser 2 was always a surprise to me.

But with so many top goalies selecting this head as their gamer, there had to be something magical about it.

I recently had the chance to play around with this goalie head for a few months. Indeed there is something special.

In this post we’ll do a full Brine Eraser 2 goalie head review.

Brine Eraser II Goalie Head Review

At first glance, the Eraser 2 looks similar to its predecessor the Brine Eraser.

A quick turn to the side reveals the Brine Eraser 2’s true beauty.

Triple sidewall tresses built in for extra stiffness and durability. A technology that Brine calls the “Strategic Core Technology”.

You will notice based on the two photos above that the Brine Eraser 2 has flared sidewalls. Less flare than the Nemi but more than the Eclipse. Meaning the sidewalls angle inwards, serving to coral shots hitting the sidewall into the mesh instead of letting them escape into the goal.

One of the advantages of the Brine Eraser 2 is the high number of stringing holes. This head is a stick ninja’s dream as you throw in any type of pocket you want.

Be warned if you’re a newbie stringer the pure number of options might leave you a little dizzy and with a badly strung pocket.

In comparing the top goalie heads in the game (Eclipse 2 – left, Nemesis 2 – center – Eraser 2 – right) you can see the Briner Eraser 2 face shape more closely models the Eclipse 2.

All 3 heads feature an open sidewall design as I believe the lacrosse industry has determined this is the most effective method to balance strength with weight.

The Eraser II does have a flat top but is slightly more round and unlike the Nemi 2, the Brine head stays open towards the bottom providing more surface area for saves.

As previously mentioned the sidewall on the Brine Eraser II has “Strategic Core Technology” which consists of 3 tresses for stronger rigidity and durability.

Next to the other two prominent heads, the Brine Eraser 2 (left) features a thicker, bolder looking sidewall. Each goalie head has it’s own sidewall tress design and while I’m no mechanical engineer I can say that the Brine Eraser 2 feels just as stiff as its rivals.

This side view also how versatile the Eraser 2 is for stringing. Just look at at all those sidewall hole options.

You can also see the offset design which helps with groundball pickup and general cradling and outlet ability.

For those goalies who prefer to set up with your top hand gripping the plastic, the Brine Eraser 2 does provide a somewhat comfortable throat to grip although it doesn’t extend as far down.

I do think the Eclipse 2 is better in this area but I know goalies who use the Eraser 2 and setup gripping the plastic.

I personally setup touching the plastic with my top hand and I think the Brine Eraser II throat is great.

Visually the Brine Eraser II is a wonderful design and may be considered a piece of artwork as far as goalie heads go.

The first thing you immediately notice about the Eraser II are its lightweight combined with its stiffness.

I’ve only played with this head for about a month but from everything I’ve read it has strong durability.

I talked to the Brian Phipps for an upcoming podcast episode and as a long-time user of the Brine Eraser 2 he said he’s never broken one!

That said, no head is bulletproof and all break after getting hit with a certain number of shots. Or just a single high-velocity shot in the wrong location. But considering its lightweight, I’d say its durability is great.

The Brine Eraser 2 is surprisingly light for the amount rigidness it has.

Here are the weights compared against other popular goalie heads:

  • Briner Eraser 2 – 11.3 oz
  • STX Eclipse – 11.4 oz
  • STX Eclipse 2 – 11.6 oz
  • Warrior Nemesis 2 – 12.4 oz

I’ve mentioned this in other goalie head reviews that less than 1 oz might not look that significant but its definitely gives the head a lighter feel.

I think the weight of the Brine Eraser 2 head combines really well with a short goalie shaft, as is my preference.

Accurate outlet passes have a lot to do with your string job but I had no problem throwing dimes with the Brine Eraser 2. Cradling was a really easy too given its offset design.

The ground ball scoop is also really nice albeit my rating for GB scoops goes like this – 1st place: Eclipse 2 2nd place: Briner Eraser 2 3rd place – Nemi 2.

Even those this goalie head is pretty rigid on shots you still get some flexibility on those lows saves when you want to drive the head into the ground.


Scott Rodgers recently posted photos of the “Warrior Nemesis 3” to his Instagram:

The design of the Warrior Nemesis 3 looks surprisingly like the Brine Eraser 2! Perhaps Warrior has also discovered that the Brine Eraser 2 design is the future of lacrosse goalie heads.

Brine Eraser 2 Price

Perhaps the best feature of this goalie head is its lower price point.

You can get an unstrung Brine Eraser 2 head on Lacrosse Monkey for $70.

Compare that to $90 for the STX Eclipse 2.

The price point is closer to the Nemi 2 which can also can be yours for $70 unstrung.

You can pick this goalie head at other online vendors but as I’ve written in other posts, I prefer LacrosseMonkey for their awesome service and the fact that I’ve never had a problem despite spending the equivalent of the GDP of Guam on lacrosse goalie gear.

Brine Eraser 2 Review Videos

Here is Greg from ECD with a review of the Brine Eraser 2 goalie head and then one that he strung up with ECM Black.

Here is another video for stringing the Briner Eraser 2. They show some good patterns that could be used to string up this bad boy –


After playing with this head for a short amount of time, I believe the Brine Eraser 2 goalie head belongs in the discussion of the best head in the game.

You already see it being used by the best goalies in the game who have their choice of goalie heads.

I do think there’s no doubt its top 3 material (with the Eclipse 2 and Nemi 2).

The Eraser II combines stiffness, lightweight, and good looks to give you a great goalie head. Definitely worth a try.

Until next time!

Coach Damon

Anything I missed in this Brine Eraser 2 goalie head review? Any using the Eraser 2? Let me know in the comments. 

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2 thoughts on “Brine Eraser 2 Goalie Head Review

  1. Hi Coach,

    Recently ordered this head after saving up for a new one as well as reading this + other reviews. Looking forward to giving this a go. However I was doing some research and I came across the Brine Eraser (1) weight weighing in at 10.8oz. I looked at other websites to double check and some do say its 10.8 (,, but Laxmonkey weighs it in at 13.1oz as well as yourself in your original STX Eclipse review.

    Not a complaint just thought it would be interesting to mention to you that their could be an even lighter/lightest head on the market. AJ Baretto also used this head in the last season of the NCAA.

    Thanks for all the hard work you put out for the position!

    1. Interesting. Yeah I’ve heard from a few goalies Brine Eraser OG is the most underrated head in head in the game. Let me know what you think of the Eraser 2. I think you’ll like it!

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