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PLL Goalie Gear Setups 2022

For you goalies who love to checkout what gear and stick setups the best in the business are using, this post is for you.

It’s the goalie gear setups for 12 PLL goalies in 2022. There are 16 goalies in the league but I had to leave out a few backup goalies since I couldn’t find photos of them in their gear anywhere.

Will be interesting to see if any returning goalie changed up their setup from the 2021 season.

And of course if you want to watch these goalies in action, checkout the save edits on my YouTube channel.

Here are the 2022 stick and gear setups for goalies in the Premier Lacrosse League:

  1. Sean Sconone – Chrome
  2. Tim Troutner – Redwoods
  3. Jack Kelly – Redwoods
  4. Jack Concannon – Atlas
  5. JD Colarusso – Atlas
  6. Kyle Bernlohr – Whipsnakes
  7. Blaze Riorden – Chaos
  8. Adam Ghitelman – Archers
  9. Brett Dobson – Archers
  10. Dillon Ward – Waterdogs
  11. Matt Deluca – Waterdogs
  12. Nick Marrocco – Cannons

Sean Sconone – Chrome

Despite Warrior coming out with the Nemi 3 and the new Warrior QS goalie head (released to public later this year), Sconone sticks with the Nemi 2. Did I mention goalies are creatures of habit?

It works. Sconone was selected as an All-Star in 2022. He has the Chrome rolling at 4-1 entering the break.

Listen to my podcast with Sean Sconone.

Tim Troutner – Redwoods

The Redwoods opened the season with Troutner manning the pipes but after saving just 36% through the first few games they made the switch to their backup.

Troutner is using the new ECD Impact (and presumably the mesh too).

Couldn’t find a current pic of his chest pad but last year he was using the Maverik Max EKG chest protector.

Podcast with Tim Troutner.

Jack Kelly – Redwoods

Said this last time I wrote the PLL goalie gear post but Jack Kelly is one of my favorites and I’m pumped he’s back starting with the Redwoods.

Couldn’t find any pics of Kelly’s chest pad.

Here’s my podcast with Jack Kelly.

Also cool to see Kelly ball it up with Team USA in the 6’s format:

Blaze Riorden – Chaos

Blaze switched up the chest pad this year opting to go with the new Unequal pad, aka the green monster.

Everything else with Blaze gear setup remains unchanged from 2021. Still the only PLL goalie using the Mark 2G.

Listen to my podcast with Blaze Riorden.

At the 2022 PLL All-Star it looked like Blaze had switched back to the STX chest pad. I’m not sure if that is just a fit issue or a superstition or what. As I wrote in my Unequal chest pad review this narrow protector does leave those side abdomen exposed.

Kyle Bernlohr – Whipsnakes

As an STX sponsored athlete it’s no surprise Bernlohr is fully decked out in STX gear.

This year he switched over the black STX Eclipse 2 and it worked. After an uncharacteristic down year in 2021, Bernlohr is back to the top of his game earning his 5th All-Star appearance over his PLL/MLL career.

My podcast with Kyle Bernlohr.

Nick Marrocco – Cannons

Marroco is co-founder of Peak Pro sport so no surprise he’s rocking a Peak Pro shaft to make his sick saves this year.

The Cannon’s goalie setup remains unchanged since last year.

My podcast with Nick Marrocco.


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Adam Ghitelman – Archers

Ghitelman plays with field players gloves which is a bold move but does give your thumb added flexibility.

Cool to see Ghits rock the padded goalie shorts. Not sure which brand those are.

Couldn’t find any pics of Ghits in his chest pad this year but since he’s decked out head to toe in STX, I’ll assume its the Shield 600.

Check out my podcast with Adam Ghitelman.

Brett Dobson – Archers

  • Head: Warrior QS
  • Mesh: 12 diamond
  • Shooters: 2 straight across, 1 U
  • Shaft: Attack Length
  • Gloves: Warrior Nemesis QS goalie gloves
  • Throat Guard: Warrior Throat Guard
  • Chest Pad: Warrior Nemi Pro

Brett Dobson signed with Warrior so he’s using their new upcoming line of goalie products which includes the new QS head (not calling it the Nemi 4) and the Warrior Nemesis QS goalie gloves.

Both those new items should be released to the public later this year.

Get training with Brett Dobson.

Matt Deluca – Waterdogs

Deluca started out the year in goal for the Waterdogs while Dillon Ward was busy winning an NLL title.

After using the Warrior Nemi 3, big Matt Deluca made the switch to the new ECD Impact.

With Ward’s recent injury (broken thumb) we will be seeing a lot more of Deluca as the Waterdogs make a playoff push.

Checkout the Unequal chest pad review we did with Matt Deluca.

Dillon Ward – Waterdogs

Dillon Ward missed the first part of the season while playing the Colorado Mammoth. Upon his return he was dominate, making 12 saves against the Whipsnakes before departing with a broken thumb.

Ward is a Warrior athlete so his gear line his entire Warrior. Doesn’t look like he’s moved over to the new QS goalie head yet tho.

My podcast with Dillon Ward.

Jack Concannon – Atlas

Jack Concannon is playing dominate goalie this year and was selected as a 2022 All-Star.

If he continues to play the same in the 2nd half of the season, he’ll definitely dethrone Blaze as goalie of the year.

The Long Island native uses the Mr. Wanderful string job, a version so classic, it’s called the “Concannon special”.

Podcast with Jack Concannon.

JD Colarusso – Atlas

After taking over for the injured Concannon last year and playing great, JD has seen action in just one game so far amassing 6 saves.

With Concannon playing so well and the Atlas rolling I imagine it stays that way in the 2nd half of the season.

Podcast with JD Colarusso.

Here is the dope custom dyed head JD is playing with:


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There you go. Goalie gear setups for 12 of the goalies playing in the PLL.

Would love to do all the goalies including the backups but quite honestly solid pics of the backups are a little hard to come by.

Here’s the final totals:

Goalie Heads

  • STX Eclipse 2: 6
  • ECD Impact: 2
  • Warrior Nemi 2: 1
  • Warrior Nemi 3: 1
  • Warrior QS: 1
  • StringKing Mark2G: 1


  • 12 diamond: 11
  • 20 diamond: 1


  • Attack Length (30 inches): 7
  • Goalie Length (34 inches): 5


  • STX Shield 500: 2
  • STX Cell V: 1
  • Maverik Max: 2
  • Warrior Nemi Pro: 2
  • Warrior Nemi QS: 1
  • STX Surgeon RZR: 1
  • Maverik M5: 2
  • Maverik Rome: 1

Chest Pad

  • STX Shield 600: 6
  • Maverik Max EKG: 2
  • Unequal: 2
  • Warrior Nemi Pro: 2

Throat Guard

  • Warrior Throat Guard: 2
  • STX Throat Guard: 2
  • Cascade Throat Guard: 8

As with any goalie gear post that I do, if you see any mistakes please let me know.

Until next time, Coach Damon

What’s your goalie gear setup? Leave me a comment down below. 

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16 thoughts on “PLL Goalie Gear Setups 2022

  1. Can confirm that Troutner is using Impact Mesh. Stover and DeLuca also use the mesh. Stover also rocks an impact.

  2. Awesome recap. Thanks.

    Any chance STX comes out with a new Eclipse? Seems that Warrior is on head 2-3 since the 2 came out?

    1. Yeah I think STX is working on the Eclipse 3. I think it’s going to be called the STX Shadow since I saw that approved on list of USA lacrosse approved goalie heads already.

  3. Sorry flr another question: any goalie length above 34 inches? My 10 year old likes to play with a 35-36 inch shaft. Seems large?

    1. Does seem large for that age. Yeah it’s possible some of these are longer but i know the STX outlet is 34in for example. Has your son tried an attack shaft on there? He might like it even more.

  4. I think Troutner is using the carbon pro 2 (maybe carbon pro 3?) goalie shaft now that he’s an ECD athlete

  5. What goalie chest protector do you recommend getting; a Maverick Max EKG, STX Shield 600, or an Unequal Lacrosse Goalie CC Chest protector? Also, what goalie heads should I get; a Warrior Nemesis QS, Stringking Mark 2G, or an STX Eclipse 3?

  6. What goalie heads should I get; a Warrior Nemesis QS, Stringking Mark 2G, or an STX Eclipse 3? Also, will there be a PLL goalie gear setup for the 2023 season?

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